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Scribe talks about bringing Marvel's C&D to the big screen.

By Frank Kurtz     July 05, 2001
Source: Comics2Film

© 2001 Marvel Comics

Scribe David Tischman got the tap to write the script for Dimension Films' upcoming CLOAK AND DAGGER movie. Now he's talking about it.

While talking to Comics2Film, Tischman revealed, "I think that we've crafted a really smart, fun movie. The great thing about CLOAK AND DAGGER is that, in its concept it's so simple: white girl, black guy, light, dark. What this gives us room to do, is really get into their heads, and really explore who Tyrone and Tandy are. What has brought them to this point? How has that background has shaped who they are?

"Now they're on their own and, maybe for the first time, really making their own decisions, their own choices and figuring out, as most people of that age are doing, who they are, what they believe in, what they want their lives to be."

Regarding how faithful their big screen versions of the characters will be, Tischman says, "We all realize that for this kind of superhero movie, the way this is going to have the most impact, is that everything about this world is completely realistic. This is a dark and dangerous area of town where these kids are living. There are homeless people that live on the street. There are hookers and drug dealers and things like that. This is not like Giuliani's New York."

There will be some slight changes, though. Originally, the two characters gained their abilities after being the subjects of a cruel experiemnts with experimental drugs. Now, though, the scribe explains how their powers will manifest, saying, "We've given the origin of our heroes a much more mystical bent. The people who turn out to be our villains kill our heroes and our heroes are resurrected. When they are resurrected they have been given these powers."

But what about their distinctive costumes? Tischman says, "They will be in what I would call movie versions of the comic uniform. They come to these uniforms in a very organic way. In the same way that, for example, it was raining and Bruce Willis puts on that poncho in UNBREAKABLE. You saw the shadow and you realize that this is his superhero uniform. Our heroes get their costumes in a similar way."


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