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  • TV Series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Episode: Altar of Mortis
  • Starring the Voices of: Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor, Dee Bradley Baker, Ashley Eckstein, Matthew Wood, Tom Kane, Anthony Daniels and Nika Futterman
  • Written by: Christian Taylor
  • Directed by: Brian Kalin O'Connell
  • Network: Cartoon Network
  • Series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars: Altar of Mortis

The best at bein' bad...

By Rob Vaux     February 05, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Altar of Mortis
© Lucasfilm/Robert Trate

The pseudo-mystical dippiness doesn’t diminish on The Clone Wars this week, and we still don’t know what it all means as far as the balance of the Force goes. But you have to admit: evil Ahsoka is pretty damn cool. The sinister Son puts the whammy on her head, turning her into a bad girl extraordinaire and igniting a vicious lightsaber duel with Anakin. It carries a nifty kick that elevates the episode past its strange characters and nebulous prophecies. It also raises the interesting question of what will finally happen to Ahsoka, since she won’t make it to Revenge of the Sith. Will she eventually die? Or will they tuck her away somewhere like this nexus planet to ponder her navel while the galaxy falls to pieces? Snips isn’t usually interesting enough to merit such musings. Her great turn here suggests that she might want to play the Team Evil card more often. 

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millean 2/5/2011 6:49:38 PM

Also, the older Ashoka we saw from the previous episode was pretty damn cool, too.

I really like this series, but I could have done without this story.  Don't try and explain the force.  Didn't we already learn that midichlorian lesson?

All that said though, I am looking forward to getting a glimpse of Vader next week!



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