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Clone Wars Bonus Content Arcs Revealed?

Rumor until Confirmed

By Robert T. Trate     January 16, 2014
Source: Star Wars Union

Clone Wars Finale in early 2014!
© Lucasfilm Ltd./ Disney
It appears as if the Germans are going to get the final episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars before anyone else. Starting February 15th, the final episodes of The Clone Wars will start airing. This might seem unfair to American fans but as of July of last year they still hadn’t seen the final episodes of the original series. They were months behind the US release. 

Below are translated episode titles and summaries. Something might have gotten lost in translation, so don’t treat it as gospel. Remember nothing is official until we here it either from Lucasfilm or Disney. 

The first arc is in line with the snippet we saw already where a Clone Trooper kills a Jedi. 
State Unknown
Clone cadet Tup is suffering from a severe neurological disorder that causes the death of a Jedi master. Trying to find the motives for the assassination, Anakin escorts Tup back to Kamino for examination, but then they are attacked by the Separatists…

Clone cadet Tup is undergoing a medical examination in the sterile laboratories of Kamino to find the motives for his shocking attack on the Jedi master. For the examination to succeed, cadet Fives must enter the depth of Tup’s mind, where he finds a secret code manipulation in the cloning program of the Republic.

Fight or Flight
Clone cadet Tup is transported back to Coruscant, where his body is to be examined by the chancellor’s personal physician. Cadet Fives is also investigating the matter and discovers that a modified code has been hidden in the minds of all the clones…

Fives is still trying to find answers regarding the mysterious actions of clone cadet Tup. Hoping to personally speak with chancellor Palpatine, Fives finds himself suddenly accused of trying to murder the chancellor and decides to make a run for it.

It looks Order 66 will come to light. It will be interesting to see how Filoni and crew transform our hero clones into killers of Jedi.  

An Old Friend
While on a mercy mission to the planet Scipio, Padmé Amidala’s’ old flame, Rush Clovis, gets in touch with her asking for help. Having made a stand against the corruption on his planet, Clovis has now become the target of the bounty hunter Embo. Together with Padmé, he is now trying to leave his planet and get help…

The Rise Of Clovis
Back on Coruscant, Clovis strikes a dubious deal to becomes the leader of his clan which is deeply mired in corruption. Anakin doesn’t trust Clovis, causing tensions in his relationship to Padmé.

Crisis At The Heart
Having made a deal with Count Dooku, Clovis finds himself drawn into the war. Since it was him who brought the war to his home planet of Scipio, the Republic is now forced to intervene.

The Disappeared (Part 1)
The peaceful world of Bardotta finds itself threatened by an ancient prophecy. Since now of all times its spiritual leaders have vanished, Bardotta’s people ask their representative in the senate for help. And Jar Jar Binks indeed manages to convince Jedi master Mace Windu that this matter is of grave importance…

The following titles had no description given:
The Disappeared (Part 2) 
The Lost One

Hopefully we will get a US release date soon and a few official story arcs for these final episodes. 
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jedibanner 1/17/2014 5:45:02 AM

More Jar Jar?


Oh well, i will take the last episodes anyway, great series.

RobertTrate 1/18/2014 6:29:15 AM

 Jar Jar on the series has been okay. Far bette than in the films. Did you see Bomb Bad Jedi? Decent episode. 

jedibanner 1/18/2014 9:55:26 AM

It was a good one indeed Rob, it's just the voice itself and the character that bugs me. So much more could've been done with it yet they went into a dummy funny character that is just too far fetch to care.

But yes, in the TV series he's way, way better then the movies.


Modo 1/18/2014 10:04:19 AM

'Das ist toll' for the Germans.  'Das ist schlecht' for North Americans.  Though aren't these episodes going to be made available through straight to disc release or online?  My understanding is they are not releasing these on any network, correct? 



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