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almostunbiased 8/29/2012 6:21:00 PM

My son and I always watch this together.  I think its way better than any of the last 3 movies they've made.


acidsquall73 8/29/2012 6:32:18 PM

Haven't heard much about this season so far, but from the looks of it in the 3rd clip, this season could possibly be Ahsoka's demise?

I love this series. I never get enough of it. It never holds back from geting down and dirty when it needs to. Between this and Transformers Prime, these are the best animated series' on TV right now as far as I'm concerned.


xenomorph 8/30/2012 2:43:21 AM

This series has renewed my faith in Star Wars.

Flyincloud 8/30/2012 6:10:24 AM

 I can't wait!

horcruxx 8/30/2012 9:10:33 AM

Lucas said that he intended this series to last 100 episodes meaning 5 seasons, so this could be the last, most likely Ashoka is going to die maybe at the hands of Ventress and Anakin will seek revenge, and he will not want to talk about her loss thats why she is not mentioned because it hurts a lot and thats why he is willing to go to the Dark side in order to save Padme he is not willing to go thru that experience again.

Flyincloud 8/30/2012 6:06:20 PM

 I can't wait!

Mythos 8/31/2012 6:09:13 AM

yeah she dies and he says i will never, ever, ever, ever mention her again and i will make sure no one ever mentions her again or the fact that there was so many sith's running around with the rule being one master one student, it's all good in the wacky world of star wars prequels!!! aside from the non canon "clone wars" lets see some more clone troops doing awesome stuff!



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