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Clone Wars Season 5 Trailer

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Clone Wars Season 5 Trailer

From Darth Maul to Dengar

By Robert T. Trate     June 12, 2012
Source: Entertainment Weekly


Even legendary prequel naysayer Simon Pegg has made up with Star Wars. Why?

The Clone Wars. Making Star Wars cool again, twenty minutes at a time,” he tweeted in February, shortly before voicing Empire Strikes Back bounty hunter Dengar in an episode. But you don’t have to take Pegg’s word for it. Instead, check out Darth Maul and the Death Watch battling for galactic supremacy in this dark, kinetic new trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ fifth season, set to debut on Cartoon Network this September. Cynical as you may be about the franchise, it’ll make you feel like your 12-year-old self clutching a Boba Fett lunchbox in no time. Or as the series’ supervising director Dave Filoni told EW, “There’s a lot of payoff coming.”

“I think people are going to see ways The Clone Wars ties together more and more with A New Hope,” Filoni says about the new season. “We’re setting up elements that eventually become the Empire.”


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elrushbo 6/12/2012 5:07:09 AM

Nice...but also telling. What I enjoy most about this cartoon is the treatment of Anakin. I felt the prequels made him to be a whiny, petulant brat, not the hero gone bad like the OT had portrayed him. Now they're making Anakin into the leader and hero the movies failed miserably in doing, which in part was due to putting in such a lousy actor. And George Lucas inability to write dialogue

jedibanner 6/12/2012 5:42:46 AM

If only they would've made the movies after this cartoon. Everyone is so much better in this cartoon...even Anakin.

Can't wait for this.

invisage 6/12/2012 5:53:36 AM

 Just like the new transformers cartoon that's better than the movies it's based on. See stories and cool action/fx can go together (looking at you mr bay)

Wiseguy 6/12/2012 7:46:11 AM


The movies rushed through Anakin's story. I can't be too mad about it now but  I'm happy for this series.

violator14 6/12/2012 9:01:23 AM

As much as I have loved this series, i still think they need to wrap up this story arc, and start fresh with the ancient Jedi stories.

momitchell7 6/12/2012 12:18:41 PM

Wow... did anyone else notice the absolute blatant rip-off from Avatar at the :50 second mark?



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