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Hobbs 1/28/2013 5:43:07 AM

Wow, everyone is entitled to their opinion but this season just sucks.  My daughter even lost interest in it and she is the age this show is geared to.  I hope the new movies have nothing and I mean nothing to do with this animated series.

Squeaky893 1/28/2013 10:15:47 AM

At least we have moved on from a younglings arc AND a droids arc.  This arc is far superior in what we have seen so far. 

mike10 1/28/2013 12:04:12 PM

Hobbs, you should check out this weekend's episode. I think it will help salvage this season for you. 

wildwestie 1/28/2013 1:37:49 PM

 i agree with the light saber dual being amazing. it was more authentic then the end of episode lll. it didn't need to visit every landscape and obstacle in the surrounding area to create tension and energy. it was a good ol fashioned sword fight with the edge going to the more aggressive player. Great episode!

yodaccm 1/29/2013 5:00:39 PM

 It's disappointing how rushed Maul's masterplan is being potrayed.  Obviously with only 22 minutes per episode there isn't much time to dawdle, but in terms of a convincing evil scheme being enacted, it's falling a bit flat and contrived.  It was mostly apparent last episode. How stupid were Black Sun and the Hutts to meet with Maul and his associates and allow them to have their weapons?  How stupid is Viszla, to have dealt with Jedi and Sith alike in the past, to simply accept Maul into his camp and think it would be easy to get rid of him once he conquered Mandalore?  And why does Satine and her guards allow Viszla and his Death Watch to appear at the rally and not arrest them for treason or easily see through the coincidence that they happen to appear as saviors the moment gangsters start terrorizing Mandalore?

Yeah, it's a kids show and these plot holes can be easily ignored.  I guess I'm not convinced that Maul should be portrayed as a cunning and scheming Sith Lord on par with Sidious.  He made a critical error a Sith never should:  he gave up the advantage of the Jedi believing he was dead before cementing his power base and has been on the run ever since.  What an idiot.  He should have stayed at the bottom of the pit in Naboo and not embarrass the rest of the Sith lineage.



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