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Cobra: The Animation

Cobra's going for a leisurely drive on Venus during Christmas Eve, when a truck being chased by the Pirate Guild suddenly barrels toward him. A girl on the truck named Secret is the spitting image of Cobra's old flame, Dominique. She gives Cobra the "Key of Shiva" and asks him to take it to a professor Toporo on planet Galon, and although Cobra uses the psychogun to shoot down one of the Pirate Guild's flying mecha, he's crushed under the wreckage and taken to a hospital with serious injuries. A female warrior from the Pirate Guild, Blackborn, is trying to get the Key of Shiva, and comes to attack Cobra and Secret who've both been taken to a hospital. Once Cobra finds out that it's his arch-enemy the Pirate Guild that's attacking Secret he decides to fight to protect her, but...

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Genre: Adventure, Ecchi, Science Fiction

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