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COD: Black OPS: Nazi Zombies Kino Der Toten

Back at War with the Undead

By Robert T. Trate     November 19, 2010


“Der Riese always wins” a friend of mine once said to me. I laughed at him the first time I heard that. What did I know after all I was just a noob. He was right. Der Riese always wins. The horde of Nazi Zombies just keeps coming and coming. Like a bizarre twist on Pac Man there really is no way to win. No matter how much we plan, scheme or bitch those Nazi Zombies just never stop. The highest level I have ever achieved was round 32. What did I have at the time? Two upgraded weapons, all the perks, and of course the big ass knife. What happened? I would love to say I was the last to fall in blaze of glory as I cursed them all to death but it was a poor connection on the host’s part that took me down. Of course we immediately logged back on but we never got that close again. Since then round 32 has become the stuff of legend and I have accepted that “Der Riese always wins”. In all honesty, the war on the zombies was starting to run pretty thin. I noticed my crew starting to slip. Rounds would end after 5 or less due to stupid mistakes. What we were to do? Der Riese truly had won.
“I like the way the blood feels on my skin”

COD: Black Ops Zombies
Thankfully, Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black OPS gave a breath of fresh to the Nazi Zombie phenomenon. Now a whole new strategy has to be figured out. There are new areas to explore as well as nailing down that new feature, the rotating magic box. I know I have only touched briefly on the new features to this game but I have only reached level nine in the few hours that that I have played the game. I have only been able to assemble one member of my crew and we fell right back into step as if Der Riese had never beaten us. Orders were now being screamed out. Orders were being given. Screams of help rang through the air. The glory of Nazi Zombie combat has returned.
“You smell like a bowl of shit, freak bag”

 COD: Black Ops Zombies
This is not a review of Call of Duty: Black OPS Nazi Zombies but a forum to help one another out. I reached out to several of you months ago (see column) about my own personal issues in dealing with online morons. I take the slaughter of Nazi Zombies very seriously and hate that people use cheats and glitches to get ahead. Yes, I know that the game cheats. It cheats in the respect that the Nazi Zombies get tougher and my weapon stays the same. I find that the challenge is the game. Much like in Pac Man, I determined it was better to eat the dots when the ghosts run away then go after the ghost when they are vulnerable. I am offering up my column this week to you Maniacs so that we can help each other out. Perhaps even share our user names on the Playstation Network or Xbox Live.
“I can smell my own blood”

 COD: Black Ops Zombies
In the brief time that I have played the latest Nazi Zombie level, Kino Der Toten, I have learned a few things. These are tougher Nazi Zombies. Sure the first level is still knife friendly but after that forget about it. It is better to ignore the machine gun at the top of the staircase. Stick with that classic zombie killer, a shotgun. Your best bet is to always line up two zombies in a row to save on ammunition. Beware the roof, high platforms and holes in the ceiling. The brilliant part about Kino Der Toten is that this game works on various levels, literally. The zombies fall down from the sky because of a hole in the roof. There are walkways outside that at first seem harmless until they rain down zombies. You looked over your shoulder before now look up too. Dogs! Yes, they are back but head to the grand staircase room with the sentry gun. Get to the flipped over tables and wedge yourself in. The dogs can’t touch you.
“Wait, I’m not turning now am I?”

 COD: Black Ops Zombies
I have only been at the game a few hours and already I love it. The new catch phrases are a breath of fresh air and the humor alone is step above Der Riese. What I need from you Maniacs is strategies, tips and above all help. I am on the Playstation Network. Contact me through my Mania account if you are looking to join in on a few games. I’m always ready to kill some undead freak bags.
Robert Trate writes two weekly columns for Mania the DVD Shopping Bag and the Toy Maniac. Robert also participates in a pod cast that reviews movies, comics and celebrates all things geek. Check it out at You’ve Got Geek on


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jodijoe179 11/20/2010 4:41:44 PM

Hey there my boyfriend and I have gotten to 52 on Der Riese ( I took a pic with my phone) it was insane and stressful and  a lot of fun Der Riese is my favorite map.  I don't mind Kino der Toten as we got to 31 within the first few days of having it.  Our stategy is to stay in the main room until beginning of round 4, make sure to let them in during the first few rounds and get ammo.  Then we went to the left out to the alley and got the machine gun (sorry don't know all the technical names yet lol) and  went through the chain link fence up to the room where I take care of the 2 windows and he shoots down the stairs. After the dogs we go down onto the stage  right back towards the dressing room door but don't open it and DO NOT turn the power on!!!! We build up our points for a few rounds and try to have at least 10,000 each.  Yes it sucks without perks but once you have the points it's alot easier to get what you need and open everything up.  And at the end of every round we make sure we have a crawler so we can link up the teleporter to begin each round.  Once we have teleported and threw our grenades and come back to the main room we go up to the right side of the stairs and run pretty much in circles but no too fast so the zombies back track and corner us.  We would love to play with 2 others online who could maybe try our stategy and work as a team.  Our strategies worked for us on Der Riese and now Kino der Toten :)



IsaacChristians 11/21/2010 6:27:51 PM

damn lol congrats the farthest ive ever gotten was level 30 on c.o.d world at war... but down to buisness so if zombies really do rise can i count on u and your trigger happy boyfriend?

IsaacChristians 11/21/2010 6:31:43 PM

damn lol congrats the farthest ive ever gotten was level 30 on c.o.d world at war... but down to buisness so if zombies really do rise can i count on u and your trigger happy boyfriend?

Ccoff1977 11/22/2010 9:18:33 AM

 Hi Guys, Robert is right - they always win. my friend and I play Black Ops strictly for Zombies. We are interested in figuring out all the new secrets and have only made it to level 22 so far.  Like Trate, we don't gltich or cheat and play for the intrigue and action that Treyarch throws our way.  Add me on PS3, my name is CCoff1977 if you are interested in slaying zombies.  I am in the Eastern time zone...happy hunting!

MexiRican95 11/23/2010 2:36:06 PM

Yea. Im 15 1/2 and my name is Nicholas. I didnt play the old game. But my strategy for the new ne is to knife everything and buy the shotgun for those moments when you just can't. Then eventually I buy the stakeout andf Ak-74u. I dont know how to get the pack-a-punch. I know the juggernaut, selfrevive, and mystery box. I would like a mentor to teach me in the ways of the undead. Haha. I love Nazi Zombie.

MexiRican95 11/23/2010 2:37:13 PM

Also. Im on the Xbox 360 and my gamertag is MexiRican95

MexiRican95 11/23/2010 2:44:14 PM

Also. Im on the Xbox 360 and my gamertag is MexiRican95

themovielord 11/24/2010 11:40:20 PM

thanks Jodi for the tips, I am putting them to good use over turkey day! Rogue___5

steves 11/29/2010 9:59:26 AM

With 3 others, level 29, the first 28 camped out.

Where: Open the door upstairs and not the second one, rite there. One guy on the window and the other 3 facing the door way with the help of the electric barrier. we didn't use it till about 25/26. As for the Zombs falling from the ceiling, just dont go to the right of the window and they will fall in line with the other zombs.

So obviously we're getting through the rest of the map by opening the door on the 1st floor. You should be able to last in the Main lobby till level 5. One player per window. Dont go shooting over shoulders, it's not just annoying but thats how you get breeched. Not that it matters early on, we want them to come in. It's just a bad habit. If your having a slow round, dont worry your time will come.

Dont waste $$ on the wall weapons. You most likely will get a max ammo, utilize that and stab like a maniac and you should be leaving the lobby with over 4000 points. Some only stab for the 1st level or 2, then for level 3 4 and 5 put 5 or 6 shots or a whole clup in each zomb before stabbing to death. Whatever works for you.

When you open the 1st door and leave the lobby, again do not waste $$ on those wall weapons either. Even if you hear the dogs howling, just run straight through to the back yard and get the ak off the wall. You will have time to buy this and smoke the dogs. After the dog round, if you can afford it, proceed to the backstage. If you cant, no sweat. Just sit there and accumilate more points for a round or two.

But do get back stage as soon as possible. Once there, go to the far end. Lots make the mistake of standing rite in front of the door they just opened, causing the unnecessary need to cover a 2nd window. Just go to the far end, 1 guy on the window, the other 3 just keep a neat short line to his side facing the far end and all the zombs will come at you in a nice straight line. It's good to work as a team and not a selfish bunch of greedy individuals. If the guy at the window is lacking in points, let him switch out with 1 of the other 3.

All should be around 10,000 points by level 10. But no biggie if your not. The important part is getting the power on before the 2nd dog level. They are usually the end of the game unless you have Jaurganaut. Let me backtrack a bit. You dont want to have to rush the power on and getting the Jaurganaut as the dogs are coming like I said about rushing out the door for the 1st dog level. So get the power on before they show up. If you guess wrong by 1 round and get another zombie round after turning the power on, your in a for a slug fest on the stage but you should be fine and its alot of fun.

After we survive the dogs we head over to the camping area.

When the poo hits the fan and you lose this room, obviously open the door and let the chase begin. You should have so many Claymores you wont know what to do with them. At the end of every round, go around to the other side of the door to your camp out room and place the claymores in a row as far out as you can. You will get a kick out of how far it reaches and how it covers your back while your retreating.

Now there is no place to hide. Stay in a tight group of 4 and, assuming your at the main lobby, run up and to the right and all the way around...again and again. DO NOT run, walk. People panick and dont seem to realize the zombies can never catch up to you. The ones that show up in front of you are the problems. Save running for when you need to get around these or tight areas, like the stair cases. Patience is important. Just keep doing this and let them all bunch up.

When you take turns turning around and emptying clips into them, do it in short burst because when the team stops to fight is when you get in trouble. While you pass the stage link up the teleporter then when you pass the lobby link it. Always have it ready to go for that safe haven, if you need to upgrade or needing a max ammo hopefully. And lots of damage can be done from lobbing grenades down at them. And of course dont forget those electric barries.

All my games end because of ammo problems. So do your best to keep that crawler, it is the main key to going higher and higher in rounds. Good luck and kill zombies.

foolhardyraptor 1/14/2011 1:23:51 PM

the best way to get far lies in the begining levels. fire six shots into each zombie then knife them for max points. the first gun you should buy is the carbine at the top of the stairs. fire one bullet fewer into zombie than the level is then knife so lets say level 4 you shoot 3 times then knife ive gotten up to 12000 point before the dogs. once you have mad points leave one zombie alive then run a lap buying every perk and the bowie knife ( the bowie knife rapes the zombies through their teeth and into their once the power is on find the mystery chest try to get the spaz 12 as it is the best shotgun ever 24 bullets and full reload after one bullet is put in. i have to say that the thunder gun is not that good of a weapon choice as when you run out of ammo in the later levels you can get killed ridiculously easily my best weapon system is: level 1-5 first carbine you can buy, 5-10 bowie knife with balaistic knife, 10-20 upgraded alien gun and a large clip machine gun so when you have a huge train of zombies following you, you can just turn around and get mad points... the best thing about that is when your zombie train is big enough you can unload and get upwards of 7000-10000 points per clip. this tactic can get you easily to level 20 but the zombies get way to hard for solo by level 30 my personal best is lvel 41 solo but i haven't got past 30 any time since it gets impossible so listen to my advice and enjoy level 20 everytime guarenteed you probably don't care but if you want to own zombies some time my gamertag is foolhardyraptor 

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