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Code Geass R2 Episode Change?

DVD release not what was solicited

By Chris Beveridge     August 08, 2009

Code Geass: LElouch of the Rebellion R2 Part 1
© Bandai Entertainment

Are there changes in the works with Bandai Entertainment's August 18th release of Code Geass R2 release? Originally solicited as having nine episodes at 225 minutes (along with Part 2 which was solicited just this week with the same runtime), the first part is making it into retailers and consumers hands now and not all is as solicited. The Part 1 release contains the first seven episodes on two DVDs within the single sized keepcase, totaling 175 minutes as it's short two episodes. The series run twenty-five episodes and this leaves us with eighteen more to go, so we should see two sets with nine episodes on each of them. The difference in runtimes from what was solicited has caused concern among several though since it's significantly short of what has been solicited and talked about.


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METR0lD 8/8/2009 9:04:56 PM

 Thanks Bandai, for screwing your fans over yet AGAIN. How many times does that make it this year now? I've lost count. If this isn't bait and switch, then I don't know what is.

t1uper 8/20/2009 8:22:05 AM

i swear they better keep it 3 parts, if they try to get us to pay for 4 sets im going to be so mad



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