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karas1 12/13/2012 5:54:08 AM

Time Lords are only supposed to have 12 regenerations and when they've used them all up, they die.  The Master had that problem once and was inhabitating a rotting old body with no way to regenerate.  He solved that dilema by posessing Nyssa's father which is how Nyssa ended up joining The Doctor's crew.

Matt Smith is doctor #11.  What they'll do when the 12th actor quits is anybody's guess but I'm sure they'll come up with something...

FerretJohn 12/14/2012 12:52:47 PM

Karas, the regen limit was in the old series but has never been brought up in the new one, in fact when the subjects of regenerations have come up Tennant had stated that he's immortal, that he'll just keep regenerating over and over.  So whether the magic number has been quietly retconned out or whether it was removed by some unnamed occurance in the Time War, it looks like the only thing that will kill the Doctor permenantly is really bad ratings.

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