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Collector Toys for Christmas Part 1

Holiday Treats from NECA

By Tim Janson     December 02, 2013

Adam West Batman = Holiday Cheer!
It’s that time of year when you start thinking of the toy collector on your holiday shopping list…or yourself!  In the first part of our look at what’s hot in new toys for the collector this year we have several recently released items from NECA that will make any toy fan salivate.  Santa’s elves only wish they could make toys this cool!  
Predator Series 10
Grade: A-
It’s been 20 years since Kenner Toys first came out with its line of action figures based on the Predator film series.  Now NECA, always on the cutting edge of collectible action figures has released three new Predator figures as homage to the Kenner line.  This is series 10 in the Predator line but for fans of the 1990s is retro goodness!  The three figures in the series include the Lava Planet Predator, Nightstorm Predator, and my personal favorite, Hive Wars Predator.
The first thing you notice is that the blister cards look similar to the Early 1990s Kenner series in terms of the graphics with the large ¾ profile picture of a Predator as well as the color pallete of the card.  But that’s where the similarities mainly end.  The NECA figures are vastly superior in their molds, color schemes, and articulation.  All three figures come with over 20 points of articulation and stand 7” tall.
Like the original Lava Planet Predator, NECA’s new version is molded in a translucent red plastic with yellow and black flame/charring highlights on his boy and arms.  He is adorned with a metallic silver should/chest plate, and silver clasps in his braids and comes with his Blazing Sword. 
The Nightstorm Predator is also known as the Scarab Predator.  The Nightstorm Predator features ancient Egyptian adornment including gold shoulder and chest plates, gold boots, and gold skull staff.  He has a fantastic ceremonial helmet which is removable and adds to the Egyptian motif.  His face his open in a scowl, showing off his tusks and fangs.  An absolutely regal figure!
The Hive Wars Predator is my favorite because it’s the one that most closely look like the figure from the original film.  He is colored in two-toned blue and covered with mesh netting.  He is armored on his right shoulder, left chest, right arm and wrist, right thigh, knees and feet.  He comes with a battle staff and removable shoulder cannon.
I love that this series is a nod to the original Kenner series although with a vastly superior design geared towards collectors.
Aliens Series 2
Grade: B+
NECA recently released its Aliens Series 2 figures and were taking a look at two of the new pieces.  First up is the Xenomorph Egg and Facehugger.  More of a display piece than a figure it features a 4” tall alien egg.  The egg lights up with an eerie green glow.  Take the Facehugger and fold it into the egg and then press the button on the side to begin the launching action to send creature springing forth to claim another victim.  The egg is detailed quite well although the Facehugger is bland and colored in a single beige tone.  More of a novelty item it will look nice when displayed with the rest of your Aliens figures.  Check out the video below to see the item in action…
Aliens Corporal Dwayne Hicks Vs, Xenomorph Warrior.  This fantastic two-pack features Corporal Hicks (Played by Michael Biehn in the 1986 film) going toe-to-toe with one of the Xenomorphs…and apparently winning!  Hicks can be armed with either a shotgun or pulse rifle, and comes with helmet, and headset, motion detector, shoulder lamp, welding torch and shotgun holster.  Hicks’ face is sculpted into a terrified but violent shriek as he unloads his ammo into the alien.
The Xenomorph reflects the damage taken from a pointblank shotgun blast as the top of his head is blown off and you can still see a part of it exploding off in a cascade of acidic blood and gore.  He also has another blast to his ribs that is spraying blood.  I really love the look of this piece.  When you examine what’s left of the head you can see the incredible detail of the sculpt where the head has literally been torn away by the blast.  With 30 points of articulation, you have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to posing the monster.
Retro-Style Freddy and Jason Clothed Dolls
Grade: A-
If you grew up as a kid or toy fan in the 1970s you were likely a fan of Mego.  Before the action craze began with the original Star Wars figures from Kenner, Mego, along with Habro’s G.I. Joe ruled the roost.  Mego featured primarily 8” figures along with some 12” figures as well.  They produced them not only based on popular comic book heroes but also popular television characters and actors.  Like G.I. Joe, the figures had clothes and costumes that were removable.  NECA pays tribute to those wonderful Mego toys of the 1970s with these two retro figures based on the horror film classics Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th featuring Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.  Both figures stand 8” tall and feel like old Mego’s with the weight of the heavy plastic and the pine and ball joints
Freddy Krueger captures the character’s look from the first film.  Freddy’s face is badly burned and his right ear is partially singed off.  He has 14 points of articulation.  Freddy is dressed in black pants, black shoes, and his usual red and green striped sweater.  The fabric of both the sweater and pants are surprisingly well constructed.  It looks and feels exactly like a sweater should…only smaller!  The stitching is tight all around.  His right hand features the deadly bladed glove and he comes with removable hat.
Jason comes dressed in grey pants and green army jacket, both of which are stained with the blood of his victims.  The Jacket features three buttons although they do not snap like the old G.I. Joe clothes did.  These close up with Velcro which is a tad disappointing.  Jason comes with machete, axe, and harpoon gun.  Jason’s trademark hockey mask is removable to reveal that horrid, mutated face.  Don’t expect any interesting details when you remove the clothing.  The bodies are pretty much manikin-like except for the heads and hands.
The attraction with these two figures it that throwback look since most figures today are made almost 100% of molded plastic so these make a great addition to the figure collector’s display shelves.
NECA ¼ Scale Batman
Grade: A+ 
As you unbox NECA’s awesome ¼ scale Batman figure, based on the classic 1960s series, you can practically hear the legendary theme song playing in the background.  The gorgeous packaging features the classic Batman logo of the 1960s series, and those sound animated sound effects like “Kapow”, “Bam!”, and “Bonk!” adorning the box along with fantastic period graphics.
The 18” figure itself is molded in high quality and very heavy plastic.  Batman’s gloves, trunks, and boots are all made with a rubberized material and his cape his made of real cloth.  The utility belt is also rubber and the front of it opens to reveal his Bat Communicator.  The figure comes with two Batarangs.  One is a solid molded piece and the other folds in half and fits into a holster which clasps and then can be attached to his utility belt.  Both Batarangs have a small hole on the end in which you can insert his bat rope to make him hang or climb.  
He comes with three sets of hands.  One set is sculpted into fists, another is more open handed which can be used to grasp objects, and the third is molded into peace signs so Batman can do his famous…or infamous “Batusi” dance.  Other accessories include another pocket that can attach to the utility belt, and a communicator with antennas that rise up.
The figure is remarkably articulated for one so large, over 20 points in all.  He’s articulated everywhere you would expect like shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles but also comes with articulation at the top of the biceps and the balls of the feet to give the character even more flexibility when posing.  Best of all is the uncanny resemblance to star Adam West.  This doesn’t look like Batman from the 1960s just because of the costume but also because it looks exactly like West.  Truly one of the best likenesses ever captured in an action figure.  This could very well be the figure of the year!  
Superman & Batman DC Classic Leg Lamps
The leg lamp was, of course, made famous in the 1983 classic holiday film “A Christmas Story”.  And now you can get your own leg lamp with a superhero motif with this pair of DC Classic Batman and Superman lamps.  The boxes of both lamps feature nostalgic comic book graphics of the 1960s.  The Lamps stand 20” and the legs are made of durable plastic with a solid metal lampshade bracket that attaches quickly.
The Batman lampshade features the 60’s style Batman symbol printed on either side of the blue shade while the Superman lamp has the red and yellow “S” printed on either side of the red lampshade.  Assembly takes a mere couple of minutes.  The lamps come with a 5 watt light bulb that is already installed inside of the leg but the main lamp requires that you supply a 40 watt bulb.  While they might not be bright enough to put up in your front room window and light up the street, they do make great novelty pieces for the comic book fan as they scream fun and pop culture!


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Roqueja 12/2/2013 7:48:55 AM

The face hugger would be sweet as a motion activated action.  The lighting in the egg is pretty well done, but it still looks too plastic.  With some at home tinkering, it could look like a great display piece.

millean 12/2/2013 1:30:52 PM

Some of those look pretty good.  DC should release a Black Canary and/or Zatana leg lamp.  Though the Christmas Story people might sue for copyright infringement.  Would be funny, though.


spiderhero 12/2/2013 4:55:35 PM

I saw the leg-lamps in a mall the other day. Just shook my head. Bad idea. Not cool at all.

RobertTrate 12/3/2013 2:13:23 PM

 I saw the 18 inch Batman at Toy Fair. He is amazing... the nice thing is they built an 18 inch Keaton as well!





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