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krathwardroid 5/13/2010 4:55:49 PM

Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

Cool, Judge Dredd is sounding better and better all the time.

Wiseguy 5/13/2010 5:19:52 PM

WarCry, you're right. It's just that K-Mart seems like a non-entity now a days with Wal-Mart, Target et al taking the spotlight away since Sears took it over

Oh yeah, DarkKnight, mania has been the last to report for the last couple of years cause the site seems to be updated once a day in the different categories. c2f is done late morning and Jarrod usually does movies early morning except when he has an all night bender and posts middle of the day like today :) Truth be told if you want you can troll the other sites in the evening and you'll see what's going to be in mania the next day. However, we're not here to be the first with the news but for the love and  camaraderie  and of course the obligatory insults that come along with brotherly love 

wessmith1966 5/13/2010 7:03:32 PM

I don't want t know too much about Thor, other than seeing a full body shot of Thor in costume. I want to be surprised by the movie because i think it's going to have a different feel than we might expect from a super hero movie. I can't wait to see it!

I look forward to another transformers movie. They aren't great, but they're great popcorn movies perfect for the summer season.

I have no interest in another JD movie; never liked the character. And Ratner's looking to make a Youngblood movie? Please, that'll never see a green light.

monstermaniac 5/13/2010 7:57:40 PM

Anyone find it funny they're filming Captain America in London? Better just be a few scenes :P

ElBaz13 5/13/2010 8:11:16 PM

Youngblood movie will be a joke. We all thought crud like Elektra, Ghost Rider and Catwoman made comicbook movies take a step back. Youngblood will just blow this up.

Crappy comicbook with the worst artist/writer ever, teamed up with Bret Ratner. ugh!

Guaranteed when this turd comes out, a lot of studios will hesitate to greenlight comicbook properties unless it's the big ones like Batman, Superman, X-men, Spidey and the Avengers movies.

Rob Pattinson as Shaft. Another reason not to rent this movie.

swisshammer 5/13/2010 10:28:23 PM

Monstermaniac: The beginning of Captain America is set during WWII. I'm assuming that is the reason they are filming in England.

On Bret Ratner and Youngblood: Who cares? The comic sucked balls anyway, and I'm sure the movie will too with Ratner at the helm.

Oh my God oh my God! I'm starting to get really excited about Thor! I think it's gonna blow people's socks off.

Kraken89 5/14/2010 12:03:33 AM

I'm thinking Surtur too. There wouldn't be any need for that much make-up if he was playing an Ice Giant because I'm sure they'll be CG. However, having Surtur as Odin's greatest foe would also mean making Surtur more human than just personified flames and hellfire. ranked Surtur as Thor's #3 greatest villain, so he's definetely got some credebility and potential.

Darkknight2280 5/14/2010 4:27:16 AM

Wiseguy and thats why im still here bud! i dont actually comment on any other genre sites. I enjoy the Snark on this site better then anyone else plus i have been commenting on here for so long it would be like cheating on my best gal! lol Even though i was commenting on Mania's lack of speed with stories i still love it here! :)

Yeah Kmart pretty much sucks. But the town i live in we have Walmart, meijer, target, bed bath and beyond, giant eagle and Kroger, so its like when those places get really busy i can go intoKmart and they have a good selection and low prices..but yes they are a non-entity for the most part.

Dazzler 5/14/2010 4:59:59 AM

Looks like you guys are updating...or my computer is fuk'ed up again.  Can't see this or your other pages too well.  Using Firefox. 

vagabondster 5/14/2010 5:58:47 AM

I could see robert Pattinson as Shaft in the youngblood the right look..

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