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TheWORstFan 7/16/2010 6:35:08 AM

That figure holding the Azkhaban sign looks like Kurt Cobain with his head re-attached with that neck brace.

redhairs99 7/16/2010 7:39:04 AM

That's what I was thinking TheWORstFan.  Just weird.

DaForce1 7/16/2010 2:24:27 PM

Ever since I saw that ginormus Galactus on Attack of the Show, I knew what I was going to buy right then and there.

bgg4tv 7/19/2010 5:31:40 PM

G4 just launched its premiere merch site, G4 LTD, with an awesome selection of limited edition T-Shirts, Hoodies, DVD’s, Collector Cards, and More! All items will be available exclusively at Comic-Con 2010 on select days at the G4 booth. Due to high demand and limited quantities, fans can go to now to use the exclusive Pre-Select option and get priority, front of line access when they pick-up and pay at Comic-Con. For updates on item availability and special offers, follow the twitter feed at @G4LIVEEVENTS.

gauleyboy420 7/20/2010 5:48:07 PM

why does everything have to be an exclusive limited supply... F collecting, let all the fans enjoy... I keep my comics, but could give a rats ass if it's gonna be worth $$$. these toys (especially Matty collector) should be available to fans, not just money hungry collectors...



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