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almostunbiased 6/15/2012 9:21:01 PM

WOW okay, Tara is in the The Fresh Beat Band and touring across the country.  Hope she is enjoying it and making a name for herself.  I guess they are selling a lot of tickets.  Not at all what I pictured, but definitely a step up from making shorts for us.  Though sadly I won't be buying a ticket.  Though she was in Indy in March and I happened to be in Indy on the same day.  Would have loved to have met her in person.  Though not willing to sit through a show to do it, ha.

millean 6/16/2012 6:59:23 PM

 Yeah, I miss Tara as well.  Glad to hear that she is doing well, though.

Not going to comment on the fact that I've never been to SDCC because all of my friends backed out the year we actually had tickets.  Nope, I'm not bitter.... much...


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