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Comic Projects on SCI FI Schedule

By Rob M. Worley     April 10, 2002

SCI FI Channelissued a series of press releases last week announcing their upcoming movies andseries plans.

Clive Barker's SaintSinner is briefly mentioned as still being in development as an originalmovie.

Mini-seriesannounced are Battlestar Galactica (based on the classic TV show),Myst (based on the ground-breaking computer game), TheForever War and The Chronicles of Amber (both based onsci-fi novels) and On The Seventh Day (a SCI FI original). Colosseumwas also announced as an original movie.

The BelzerConnection was also announced as part of the network's "AlternativeReality" programming. Originally announced as a one-time special, thisproject has been expanded to a limited-run, one-hour series. Hosted by Law& Order: Special Victim Unit's Richard Belzer, Connectionsearches for answers about the juiciest conspiracies of our time. The specialsprovide an entertaining reexamination of shocking and fascinating conspiraciesas seen through the eyes of a wild assortment of believers, debunkers, fieldinvestigators, online fanatics and celebrity guests, like Janeane Garafalo,Ice-T and Al Franken.

This is of someinterest to comic fans as Belzer optioned DC/Paradox Press' Big Book ofConspiracies and Big Book of The Unexplained fordevelopment as a TV show way back in 1998. Although it's unclear if Connectionis using these books as source material, the concept for the show sound verysimilar to the planned show based on the Big Books.

Other shows inthe Alternative Reality block are Scare Tactics, Dream Teamwith Annabelle and Michael and Starport Authority.

Thanks toauthor and comic book movie journalist AndyMangels for the info.


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