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  • Written By: Jason Martin
  • Art By: Bill McKay
  • Colors By: Jason Martin
  • Published By: Action Lab Comics
  • Price: $3.99
  • Series:

Comic Review: Night of the 80s Undead #1

R-rated insanity

By Joel Rickenbach     October 29, 2013

Night of the 80s Undead #1
© Action Lab Comics
It’s 1986, and Russia is trying to win the cold by bio engineering and weaponizing the one thing American’s can’t resist- Cocaine. No respectable Hollywood pool party would be complete without megawatt celebrities and mountains of nose candy, and that’s just what the Soviets are counting on. Sarah and Linda tell their parents they’re just going to the mall, but the truth is they ditch their nerdy clothes for something more “comfortable” and head out to a party, one that happens to be next door to the aforementioned coke-fest. The celebs behave badly, consume plenty of the white pony, and get zombified. Sarah is bored out of her mind at the alcohol-free shindig Linda drug her to, so she takes a peek at the party next door, and mayhem ensues.
I totally appreciate what Night of the 80’s Undead is trying to do, and I think a lot of people will love it if they give it a chance. Personally, it just doesn’t add up for me. Going over the top and balls to the wall is such a hard style to get right, and I find that 99% of the attempts end up being just that- over the top for the sake of being over the top, which rarely leads to something clever or exhilarating. It’s the same problem I have with most Troma films- I know they’re supposed to be schlocky fun, but I get so little nutrition out of it I just don’t bother.
There are some inspired bits in Night of the 80’s Undead. Giving each issue its own music playlist is an idea that works well for a book that’s steeped in 80’s era pop culture, and the insanely obvious celebrities with redacted names in the dialogue are fun. If you like a lot of R-rated insanity, and have a soft spot for the 80’s, you might just dig Night of the 80’s Undead.


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