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Comic writer reveals novel intentions for FANTASTIC FOUR

Peter David will pen the movie's book adaptation

By Patrick Sauriol     November 10, 2004

Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic in FANTASTIC FOUR
© 20th Century Fox
Via his website, comic book scribe Peter David has revealed that he will write the Pocket Books novel adaptation of 20th Century Fox's FANTASTIC FOUR movie. In David's November 7 blog entry he states this fact and adds (no pun intended, we're sure) that this will be his fourth novelization of a Marvel comics movie.

"As for the FF film, I can tell you with authority (but without going into detail) that it is not at all the goofball comedy as first reported, but instead faithful in tone and style to the Lee/Kirby comics," David adds. "There's some major changes in terms of the origin, but less than what they did in ULTIMATE FF, and besides, c'mon--four people trying to get to the moon before the Russians? Just a TAD dated."

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