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Comic-Con Pitch: THE FORGOTTEN

By Rob M. Worley     July 20, 2004

We've arrived at the week of Comic-ConInternational 2004 in San Diego! Hollywood will be coming to the show, andComics2Film aims to help Hollywood find the good stuff.

Evan Young wants Hollywood toknow more about his comic "The Forgotten".

Q: Describe "TheForgotten" and its lead character, Clarence Flynn, in two sentences orless.

Young: "TheForgotten" is about a man who has the ability to make people -- anyone
he meets, anyone he sees -- forget about him. A noir murder mystery set in thedark, gritty alleys of Philadelphia, it is a mix of crime drama and thesupernatural.

Q: If you were to compare"The Forgotten" to a movie, TV show (or movies or TV shows) what wouldit be?

Young: It would be likemixing "Chinatown" with the "X Files"... say, if Jake Gitteshad some sort of supernatural ability to change people's memories, yet was stilltrying to get to the bottom of a complex mystery.

Q: Why do you think"The Forgotten" would translate to film/TV/animation?

Young: Well, "TheForgotten" would work great as a movie or perhaps a TV show because it hasa really great hook. I have yet to meet anyone who hasn't been intrigued by thehook of our main character's ability, and that includes comic book fans andnon-comic fans alike. There're just so many possibilities for unique storytwists and action when you start to poke around in the area of memory that Ireally think that the big screen would translate this story into an interesting,gripping film.

Q: Why should movie folkscome by your Comic-Con booth?

Young: Because no onehas bought the option yet; "The Forgotten" is still on the market,because people just haven't read it or heard about it yet. We've had a few movietypes come around asking about it, but really it's still one of those"hidden gems" of the indie comic book scene that has most likely snuckin there far under the movie folks' radar.

Anyone interested can email me(Evan Young) at,or
check out our website at, or visit our booth in the small press area (R5). We'd be happy to schedule aquick meeting at San Diego!

Are you a comics creatorattending Comic-Con with a conceptHollywood should check out? E-mail your responses to the four questions above,along with your booth number, to news@comics2film.comand we'll try to send them over.


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