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Comic-Con Pitch: Insight Studios-A-Rama

By Rob M. Worley     July 10, 2006

Comic-Con starts next week and it promises to be the biggest one yet! We're pleased to present this fourth episode of COMIC-CON PITCH 2006, in which Comics2Film endeavors to connect indie comics creators with Hollywood producers.

Today we break from our preferred formula of five easy questions to take a look at the entire catalog of comics from INSIGHT STUDIOS with this message direct from Mark Wheatley:

Since Insight Studios makes it a policy to own our properties - we have a lot of CONCEPTS, and comics too! So bring a shopping cart.

From our extensive list of creators, Mark Wheatley, Jerry Carr, MarcHempel and Robert Tinnell will all be attending this year's San DiegoCon. And each of these creators has invested a lot of time andinspiration into a list of creator owned properties. With several titlesalready under option and a busy script writer in the bunch, ties toHollywood are a natural.

Here are a few of the available properties IS will have on hand:

WICKED WEST by Insight Studios

FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER - The city's best cop has been brought back to lifein a patchwork body to seek revenge against the mobsters who killed him.Imagine Mary Shelley writing THE UNTOUCHABLES as a sequel to FRANKENSTEIN.

MARS - The brilliant and beautiful Morgana Trace is all that standsbetween the few surviving members of humanity and the great, intelligentevil that infests the planet Mars. But Morgana is a very unlikelysavior for humanity; she is a paraplegic filled with her own self doubts.

RADICAL DREAMER - Max Wrighter created the Dream Network to help mankindbut BIG BROTHER uses his invention to manipulate our dreams. Now Maxsacrifices everything; his love; his work; his dreams and his life toundo the most intimate violation of privacy.

THE WICKED WEST - The only man who can save a frontier town from aplague of vampires is locked up in jail. Imagine if the High Plainsdrifter rode into Salem's Lot and you get to the heart of The Wicked West.

SIGHT UNSEEN - A blind scientist invents technology - inspired by hisseeing eye dog's vision - that enables him to see ghosts. Events soonthrust him into a collision course with a powerful, murderous spirit.

CRYPTOZOO CREW - For bold, brawny and world famous Cryptozoologist TorkDarwyn - and his adventurous but grounded wife Tara, life is anever-ending episode of ROMANCING the STONE meets THE CROCODILE HUNTER. As they travel the globe together, Tork can solve the mysteries ofunique, unknown animals, but he'll never, ever, figure out his wife!

DOCTOR CYBORG - Once the greatest inventor in history, but now a shellof his former self, Malcolm Syberg is bitter, paranoid, and desperate toreconnect with lost loved-ones and memories. His only hope is to seekout and destroy the shadowy, conspiratorial forces that ruined his lifeand threaten the fate of civilization.

We can be found in the Independent Press Pavilion - booth number 2308.We will have copies of our graphic novels and comics on sale, along withthe first appearence of new sketch books, the collected FRANKENSTEINMOBSTER NOIR, Mark Wheatley's new collection of his paintingsSIGHTCADELIC and the Eisner Nominated FEAST OF THE SEVEN FISHES.

For more information on INSIGHT STUDIOS visit and look for the crew on the floor of Comic-Con International!

Are you an indie comics creator? Comic-Con International San Diego is just a few weeks away. Help us send Hollywood to your booth by copying the five questions below and emailing your answers to

  • Q: Describe [YOUR CONCEPT] in two sentences or less.
  • Q: If you were to compare [YOUR CONCEPT] to a movie or TV show what would it be?
  • Q: Why do you think [YOUR CONCEPT] would translate to film/TV/animation?
  • Q: Why should movie folks seek you out at Comic-Con?
  • Q: How can folks find you at Comic-Con (please provide booth number and additonal contact info)?


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