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Comic-Con Pitch: KOMIKWERKS

By Rob M. Worley     July 16, 2004

In less than a week,Hollywood will descend on Comic-ConInternational in San Diego in search of the next hot property. This is thelatest in a series of articles designed to guide hungry producers towards comicsof interest at the show.

You'll be hard pressed to finda richer mix of comics and animation talent then those frequenting the Komikwerksbooth each year in San Diego. This year the cutting edge indie publisher has aslew of new projects debuting. Komikwerks' Patrick Coyle provided us with thisline up:

The Nightmare Expeditions:A children's spooky/suspense series of novels, in the vein of "TheSpiderwick Chronicles" and "Lemony Snicket." Komikwerks isdeveloping this in conjunction with ibooks, inc, with accomplished young adultauthor John Helfers attached as writer, and legendary illustrator BernieWrightson on board to illustrate it.

Grunts: An action-packedWorld War II graphic novel by Eisner-Nominated creator Keith Giffen and ShannonDenton. Grunts is the story of a sad sack squadron of American soldiers whostumble across the ultimate secret Nazi weapon: a group of super-powered SStroops programmed to hunt down and kill every Allied soldier they encounter..

Bixby Grant, Private Eye:The tale of a two-gun totin', hard drinkin', chain smokin' gumshoe, whoyears ago foiled a museum heist and triggered the curse of an Egyptian Pharaoh,transforming him into a mummy! In the course of learning the truth behind histransformation, Bixby Grant swaps bullets and fists with the mob and even thecops to prevent losing his true love, the beautiful Dolores. Written by PatrickCoyle and art by Armand Villavert, Jr.

The World of Quest: Fansof Bone and Calvin & Hobbes won't want to miss this graphic novel by JasonKruse. In the land of Odyssia, former hero Quest unwillingly becomes thebodyguard to Prince Nestor a young smart-alec who knows the whereabouts of amystic dagger that is the key to ultimate power. Together, they'll facecreatures, bounty hunters and other evils vying for the weapon. In the meantime,they'll have to deal with each other.

Blacke's Loche: If theThrall can break thru the wall separating their world from ours, humanity willcrumble. Years ago, the Thrall made a similar attempt and thirteen brave warriorshamans rose up to stop them. All were lost save one. Now this broken warriormust regain his will and assemble a new team...even if it means watching thosehe cares for die again. The forces of darkness and light will collide once morein the heart of Black's Locke and all humanity is the spoil.

The Sisters McGee: Theyare the rightful heiresses to the throne of Vadvavania! They have niftytelepathic powers! They compete with killer robots in contests of intensesynchronized swimming! Who are these fantastic females? Why, the IncredibleSisters McGee, of course! Separated at birth and sent to America to escape theconquest of the evil Burgermeister von Fitzy, the McGee twins are reunited astweens, and set out to liberate Vadvavania. Follow their absurd adventures asthey recruit an army of cowardly galoshes salesmen, fast-food serving zebras andacrobatic elephants to defeat Burgermeister von Fitzy and his legions of mimes!A young adult novel written by Lucasfilm author Jonathan Bresman.

Paquita's Planet: Whatwould you do if you inherited the title and deed to planet Earth? Paquita Perezfinds out the answer to that the hard way when she discovers that she's not onlythe Earth's newest owner, but also its newest superintendent. Not the wisestcareer move for a fifteen-year-old kid! Created by Eisner-Nominated creatorKeith Giffen and Shannon Denton.

Komikwerks Presents Bullets,Booze, & Broads: Komikwerks' fourth anthology book, featuring the bestand brightest creators from the comics and animation industries. Thisinstallment, like it's predecessors, features a collection of all new shortcomic stories of a variety of genres and styles. Great comics for readers of allages.

- We have a big announcement that is a joint venture between ibooks, Komikwerks,and one of the founding fathers of modern comics. I'm sworn to secrecy aboutthis, but I'll give you all the details the first day of the con!
- We have another announcement regarding Komikwerks becoming a content providerfor AOL. This will also not leak until the con, so mum's the word!!

Are you a comics creatorattending Comic-Con with a conceptHollywood should check out? E-mail your responses to the four questions above,along with your booth number, to news@comics2film.comand we'll try to send them over.


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