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Comic-Con Pitch: Spirit of the Samurai by Gary Reed and Rick Hoberg

By Rob M. Worley     July 19, 2006

Comic-Con starts tonight! Here's the latest installment of COMIC-CON PITCH 2006, in which Comics2Film endeavors to connect indie comics creators with Hollywood producers.

Gary Reed, writer of such titles as Red Diaries, Saint Germaine, and Deadworld is here to talk about his book SPIRIT OF THE SAMURAI

Q: Describe SPIRIT OF THE SAMURAI in two sentences or less.

SPIRIT OF THE SAMURAI by Gary Reed, Rick Hoberg

Gary Reed (GR): A young girl must stand as the last defender in a shadow world of ancient samurai when she finds out she is the last in a line to protect against the Clan of the Black Rings. She discovers that her sworn enemy in her own brother.

Q: If you were to compare SPIRIT OF THE SAMURAI to a movie or TV show what would it be?

GR: SPIRIT OF THE SAMURAI will delve into the mysterious orient flavor similar to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and features a young girl in action much like Mulan.

Q: Why do you think TABULA RASA would translate to film/TV/animation?

GR: SPIRIT OF THE SAMURAI would appeal to young girls looking for a female action lead yet will capture the attention of boys with the shadow world of ninjas and samurai. It is a tale of self discovery mixed in with quite a bit of action, of course.

Q: Why should movie folks seek you out at Comic-Con?

GR: The production copies of the book will be there along with the entire Actionopolis initial launches. SPIRIT OF THE SAMURAI features great art by noted illustrator Rick Hoberg and there's more information on upcoming stories. Although I won't be there personally, the publishers will be glad to show all the material on not just this book but all the Actionopolis line.

Q: How can folks find you at Comic-Con (please provide booth number and additonal contact info)?

GR: Actionopolis table, #2302, will feature most of the people associated with Actionopolis including the writers, artists, and publishers. There is also a special Actionopolis panel discussion on Thursday (6 pm) in Room 1A.

For more information about SPIRIT OF THE SAMURAI visit or and look for Actionopolis on the floor of Comic-Con International!


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