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Comic-Con Pitch: Stykman

By Rob M. Worley     July 03, 2006

Here's the first official installment of COMIC-CON PITCH 2006, in which Comics2Film endeavors to connect indie comics creators with Hollywood producers.

Today we've got Jonnie Allan, creator of 'The Miscellaneous Adventures of Stykman', chosen by Wizard as one of the top independent comics of 2006.

Q: Describe STYKMAN in two sentences or less.

STYKMAN by Jonnie Allan

Jonnie Allan (JA): 'The Miscellaneous Adventures of STYKMAN' is the story of the next arrogant, not-so-bright super hero trying desperately to follow in the footsteps of the Legendary Capt. Buck Nekid (ret.), albeit very badly. Through bumbled crime scenes, botched rescue attempts, and shear dumb luck, our hero wannabe will prove himself worthy of the global adulation he believes he so richly deserves.

Q: If you were to compare STYKMAN to a movie or TV show what would it be?

JA: Most reviewers, fans, etc. have compared STYKMAN to The Tick, Hong Kong Phooey, and Maxwell Smart.

Q: Why do you think STYKMAN would translate to film/TV/animation?

JA: Most of the antics of our anorexic adventurer are physical: He rides around on a suped-up Big wheel of sorts, uses a big round rubber bouncy ball (hippity-hop) as a weapon of choice, has a little alien side-kick, and his eyes are held on by string. This guy just screams "animate me!"

Q: Why should movie folks seek you out at Comic-Con?

JA: Besides the comics, we will have several maquettes of the character and his Big Wheel type vehicle on display. They will be able to see for themselves the three dimensional representation of the character and the possibilities he and his weird little world present.

Q: How can folks find you at Comic-Con (please provide booth number and additonal contact info)?

JA: Folks can find us in The Independent Publisher Pavilion, booth 2201. The booth is on a corner at the front of the hall. You will not be able to miss us. Email is

For more information on STYKMAN visit and look for Jonnie on the floor of Comic-Con International!

Are you an indie comics creator? Comic-Con International San Diego is just a few weeks away. Help us send Hollywood to your boot by copying the five questions above and emailing your answers to


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