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Comic-Con Recap: Best Costumes

A Mania nod to the cosplay tradition

By Mania Editorial Staff     July 30, 2008

One of many types of Batmen wandering the floor of San Diego Comic-Con 2008.
© Joe Crosby
The hype and hoopla has passed. Alas, Comic-Con 2008 is over, at least for another 365 days. Luckily for Maniacs who didn’t have a chance to attend, or for those still suffering from convention withdrawal, our editorial staff has thrown together a people watching pictorial rundown of some of this year’s best-clad attendees.

This guy's get-up was meant to be the Joker after years behind Arkham's padded walls. That, or a former Dead Head who ate way too much acid.





The guy behind the guy behind the guy. When not navigating the forest moon of Endor in search of rebel forces and feisty Ewoks, this biker scout maintains an A average in geometry, enjoys his mother's (right) crustless peanut butter and banana sandwiches and does Sideshow Bob impressions during water breaks at weekend LARP gatherings.






The always fashion-forward Destro clearly got an early tip on next season's Elizabeth I vintage hems.




We dug up this photo from Ghost Rider's family album. Little Johnny Blaze sure did grow into his weight. Adolescence can be so awkward.





“Gimp's sleepin’.”





I was pretty sure this Royal Guardsman was going to kick my ass. Thank god he was already running late for the Sarah Conner Chronicles poster signing.





FYI ... Milton Berle is being cast as the next joker.






Felicia Hardy and ... some other chick.






The brothel booth was a big hit in the showroom. In other news, octogenarian sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury showed up late to his panel without any pants on.





He's an exterminator. Someone saw a cockroach up on 12.





After years of riddles, incessant babbling and poorly hosted tea parties, the biker scout had had enough.






Weapon X shows off the latest editions to his arsenal--a trendy wristwatch and a clearly not Jean Gray with a cap gun. Who needs an adamantium skeleton?






Parents who use drugs...have kids who use drugs.





Batman: "Robin, did you remember to use the Bat-spot degreaser when unclogging the garbage disposal on the kitchen sink?"

Robin: "Holy Rubber Gloves, Batman!"





As he watched scores of innocents perish in a fiery hail of mini-gun bullets, maybe, thought the T-1000, just maybe Cyberdyne's T-800 model really wasn't such a bad guy after all.






Brad and Angelina try out a new approach to avoiding the paparazzi and annoying, celebrity-obsessed public.





Not even years of martial arts training and a mastery of all things bladed could prepare Snake Eyes for what he would face at the annual plumbers' convention.






Optimus signals his relief as the price of oil dips back below $120 a barrel.





"Lord Vader, I think we got off at the wrong stop."



"If I could just manage to isolate the carbolic synthesizing mechanism on the glottal intake extension, and increase the temperature of the hyper-metastic coolant gear, then maybe I'll have enough juice to make it to Hall H in time for the McG Terminator: Salvation panel."




"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see? " Kind of sums of Comic-Con as compared to the outside world. Although, that quote may not be appropriate, since we're still not sure if this is Alice in Wonderland or a large Amish kindergartner from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.




"For God's sake, man, which one of you invited the creepy-eyed Jawa again? And, bounty hunter, what did I tell you about laying off the In-N-Out burgers?"



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michaelxaviermaelstrom 7/30/2008 7:17:03 AM
Biker Scout's Mom is totally teh milf-worthy. (how do you know Maelstrom? all you can see are her arms and one vague boobie outline - Ed) Oh I know Ed, Spider-man isn't the only one with an extra-sensory appendage that tingles. *gaze into purple shorts* Yup, I have Milf-Sense! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hilarious article Joe, but uh, what's up with all the Storm Trooper pics. You got a thing for clones in uniform? ("not that there's anything wrong with that" - Ed) ..not that there's anything wrong with.. *pause* (-- *point left* *jog right* --) mXm
Jaysaw 7/30/2008 10:04:01 AM
samson 7/30/2008 12:11:49 PM
Maybe I'm being overly sensitive, but I don't think it's funny to make fun of other people. They clearly put a lot of time and thought into their costumes. Why knock them because their bodies aren't perfect. They having fun. Let them have their day. I'd expect this kind of thing from Maxim or Stuff magazines (and the comments would actually be funny). But not here. I've always thought of this site(among others) as a safe zone for us comic geeks and sci-fi nerds. Maybe I was wrong. OK, Wet Blanket Guy checking out.
JeribaDrac 7/30/2008 2:15:21 PM
Yes, Wet Blanket Guy, you are being overly sensitive. There are a few things to be considered. While some of the captions here are poking fun, I had figured these guys were running a "best of" costumes, not least because the title of this thing--why I clicked on it--is "Best Costumes." And I would think these people are spending so much time dressing up, not for their own sake, but for the sake of other people. In that regard, I think the fact that a site near the pinnacle of comic and sci-fi fandom is publishing this stuff validates all of their time and effort. Lastly, I'm as big a geek as they come, and I'm clearly well aware of the things I do, think and say that are consistently poked fun at by mainstream media. Thing is, that's precisely WHY I find it funny. If you can't laugh at yourself from time to time, what's the point? And most significantly, why, El Sensitivo, would you automatically think the same comments and same pictures are funny if they're in Stuff of Maxim? Why would that, in your eyes, make them all of a sudden acceptable? Off limits for Mania, within limits for them? That doesn't make any sense. I, for one, might actually be a little chafed if those cock-knockers at White Trash Publishing, Inc., were saying this stuff ... but you're allowed to make fun of your own. It's like family that way--not only are they the only ones allowed to make fun of you, but it means they love you, too. Now put you little violin down, and shout out your window, "I'm a geek everyone!" Because it's something to be proud of, not ashamed. We're not 12 anymore, and these sort of social delineations cease to carry the same sensitivity. Gilbert: I'm a nerd, and, uh, I'm pretty proud of it Lewis: We have news for the beautiful people. There's a lot more of us than there are of you.
MrFreeze 7/30/2008 5:05:35 PM
Well said JeribaDrac. Besides appreciating the time and effort that went into some of the costumes, goofing on and getting goofed on is also part of the fun. I highly doubt the comments about them is the worst they've ever heard.
irascible 7/30/2008 6:08:34 PM
Yes - well said JeribaDrac. Sampson, he's playfully joshing - not yelling "fucking nerds!" And please, if you can't have a sense of humor and you're out dressing like that, you're in big trouble. Once you take dressing like that seriously it's time to call in the guys in white... and I don't mean the stormtroopers.
darkheart00 7/30/2008 11:48:57 PM
Sadly, I see Evil Lynn and 'Crazy' Teela, who hung around Castle Grayskull all weekend didn't make the cut. I do have a nice picture of them with a friend of mine on my profile page. They were great fun. ......glad to see cardboard and paper mache Optimus made it though. Classic.
mckracken 7/30/2008 11:55:50 PM
I've wondered what is the best way to both wear a costume and take pictures of peole in costume at the same time?
RaithManan 7/31/2008 10:28:22 AM
Alright, The Joker up top looks like Rob Zombie, or you could say what would happen if Charles Manson got dropped in a vat of chemicals. Both prospects looking very scary. But the second Joker does kinda look like Milton Berle....who I believe and was a RUMOR back then was a candidate for The Joker in the 60's til it went to Caesar Romero. The guy as Destro looks like he's sprouting from a mushroom... I assume that's Paul Revere in the one pic. And if he is....that's one fucked up nose. The chick who's the Black Cat looks like Dustin Rhodes/Goldust in one of his MANY transgender incarnations ripoffs like he pulled off in WWE back in the day. Definitely won't forget his mockery of Marilyn Manson with his MarilynDust gimmick. AGH!!! As far as the Ghostbuster goes....he must be Harold Ramis, because Harold hasn't missed too many meals over the years compared to what he looked like back then. Everyone else looks pretty good, though not quite registering who the guy in the makeup suppose to be. Must be from the flick DOOMSDAY.
jamalcolm 7/31/2008 10:35:39 AM
How can you have a best costume article and not include the steampunk Ghostbusters? Those guys were awesome!
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