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dbrock06 1/20/2010 6:04:39 AM

No Comics today?    :( 

Stupid monday holidays.

dbrock06 1/20/2010 8:00:20 AM

okay, I just called my shop and they said that they have the books in.  You may want to check your local shop to see if they got their deliveries.

Looking foward to getting my Siege on.

agentkooper 1/20/2010 9:11:14 AM

I guess MLK Day doesn't stop the presses from rolling.  My bad everyone.

lister 1/20/2010 10:12:26 AM

What is up with Marvel's release schedule? Last week there was but a pittance, and this week is chock-a-block. Here is what I am to be liking this week:

Nova  Nova plus Sphynx plus Namorita (or something)? I am so there.

Captain America  Captain America plus Captain America plus Captain America (or something)?? I think it's 2 out of 3 actually.
Mighty Avengers  Pym x Pym x Pym = Pym^3 on the cover! I like!
Thunderbolts  They make it sound like 1 of the new team will die. Good. I don't like the new team.

Incredible Hercules  Cho is better at math than me.

Doctor Voodoo  Issue 1 > Issue 2 > Issue 3   Doesn't bode well.

Avengers vs. Agents of Atlas  Well the 50s meet the 60s I guess. That equals the 110s which is now I think.

Realm of Kings Inhumans  DnA = T.N.T. (as JJ says: Dy-no-miiiite!)

Right with you on the "I don't hate" BN front, Ben. As for me and DC this week, Blackest Night is stalled this week (and it was already losing steam), so I might check out Starman #81 if it's the Starman I like with the guy who could change his face and stuff. Good series, that.

Anyone else just get into the now-cancelled S.W.O.R.D.? I read the first 3 issues back-to-back and I was enjoying more than MI:13 or Secret Warriors. Uncool.

cdale78 1/20/2010 2:14:05 PM

Don't forget to pick up the newest issue of Amazing Spider-Man, the best comic Marvel does, with beautiful art by Marcos Martin. 

My wife's favorite comic character is Hank Pym and he's going through a revival right now in Mighty Avengers, always near the top of my read pile.  She has me mail her a copy every Wednesday as she is currently deployed to the middle east. 

lister reads Mighty Avengers, I thought you only liked crappy comics

agentkooper 1/20/2010 3:32:32 PM

Why does your wife read the same issue four times a month?

cdale78 1/20/2010 4:09:08 PM

Because she loves it so much

dbrock06 1/20/2010 4:55:04 PM

I talked to my comic shop guys today about Spiderman and they too were talking about their lagging sales on the book.  They brought up many of the same points that were brought up here by Lister, Ben and Myself.  The writing was getting better, but that too has begun slipping.  The poor artwork and lack of need for BND  .  They also showed me a promo poster of upcoming Spiderman events,  Had the Lizard on it(not sure why), and Mary Jane in a wedding dress reaching for Peter.  If Marvel wanted to completely get MJ out of the picture, then why bring her back into the fold.  The guys at the shop also agreed that they need to put better people on that book.  

I also heard that they are doing another book called Peter Parker.  Not sure if it is a reboot of the previous book.  Was putting out Amazing Spidey weekly in lieu of getting ri of the other monthly books?

Marvel just keeps messing with the wrong character...please get Spidey right.

Cdale,  I do read the book.  It is nothing personal.  We have different opinions which are fine.  I just want Spidey to come back to its glory days and to me and a lot of other people, the book is just floundering right now.  I also hope your wife can come back home soon. 

lister 1/20/2010 4:57:50 PM

You’re right cdale78. You called me out! Here is my real top ten of the bestest comics ever right now:

Amazing Spider-Man (luv the art)
Punisher (Frankencastle arc is best thing ever)
Titans (so much cool stuff happens in every issue... and since everyone is in some other book too, most of them are unrelated solo stories so we don't get bogged down in character development)
Avengers: The Initiative (I love how the art is as garish as the narrative thrust)
Magog (looking at this comic is like looking through butter-covered chrome... it's that pretty)
Deadpool (put him in every comic)
Action Comics (Nightwing/Flamebird arc is so much better than all that Kandor drama)
Incredible Hulk (I love the use of Number One Son of Hulk... he's so great)
Hulk (two years with no answers... I love neverending stories)
Fall of the Hulks (the event to end all events... watch me drool)

cdale78 1/20/2010 7:49:04 PM

dbrock06, I talked to my comic shop owner today too actually. He thinks the book's better than it has been in years. I didn't ask him about sales today but I have before and sales were strong when I asked. What's that all mean, it's well received here and less so where you are. To each their own

Marvel's goal was never to get Mary Jane out of the book, just the marriage, that was the dilemma that prevented it from happening all these years. The problem with divorce is that Mary Jane would be radioactive as a character in the book for a long time, probably forever. They tried to do their best by saying the marriage never went through, all the stories happened the same except they were in a serious relationship not married, so that they could break them up and still have her come back as an ex-girlfriend not an ex-wife.  Was that the best solution, maybe not, probably not, but that's what they went with. I wonder if they had Dr. Strange erase the marriage like I thought was going to happen, if people would still be as passionately negative about it? No telling.

I personally don't really care if they reverse it and bring the marriage back, I'm just enjoying the book right now. Either way I'm a Spider-Man fan, not a Mary Jane fan. I read the book for him. I think it's better for the character to be single, but if they change their mind then I'll still support the character. and as far as putting top talent on the book, I consider Dan Slott one of the best writers in comics, he's writing Mighty Avengers which seems to be well liked on this page. Joe Kelly writes some of the best Spider-Man I've read.

I hope they don't start a second title either. and Thanks for the well wishes.

lister, just teasing you. I never liked the Punisher (even though I consider him a Spider-Man character since that's where his first appearances happened), I don't read the Titans, Avengers Initiative, Action Comics, or Magog, so I cannot and will not comment on them. I loved the main Deadpool title when it first started, but I fear he is getting stretched too thin. I agree the Hulk is ridiculous. I do not care for that title at all. I stopped after issue 6 when the promised reveal of the Red Hulk's identity didn't happen, came back for #600 after they promised it would be revealed, and left for good when it didn't happen there. But thanks for asking

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