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dbrock06 1/22/2010 5:18:09 AM

Maybe they should have Sentry make a deal with Mephisto to get rid of the evil inside of him, this way that can easily write his wife out of the books.  For some reason Marvel doesn't want their characters to be married.

Yes, I just got through rubbing Dark Wolverine books all over my body, but that is not the reason why I dislike ASM so much.  I dislike ASM because the writing is poor and the Artwork isn't even good enough to be called poor.  Remember.  we are talkning about Marvel's biggest character.  Should we settle for late 70's artwork, and run of the mill stories?  Or should we want the best out there to be working on arguably the most popular character in comic books.  I think Marvel is taking for granted the fact that people will always buy Amazing Spiderman just because who the character is.  I am going to stick with it through The Siege, and if it does not change for the better, I will spend my 4 bucks elsewhere.  Remember that is 4 bucks, 3 times a month.  

Ben,  Is there a way to get the sales figures for these books?  I really would be curious to see what they are.  I cannot believe that the sales are as high as they were 6 months ago.  I know,  and yes this is just my retailer, that the pile they order is half the size it used to be, and there are plenty of left over at months end.  In a time where they reprint almost every title worth reprinting,  When was the last Spiderman title that was so sought after that it was reprinted?  Obama's issue does not count. 

Also,  a couple of months ago Spiderman started seeing Black Cat again.  Where has she been the last 10-12 issues?   Oh yeah,  she got a quick mention in the last issue and that was it.  Your telling me that a person that Spiderman is having a relationship with as Spiderman, cannot be occasionally written into the stories? 

cdale78 1/22/2010 6:50:12 AM

mephisto, mephisto.  praise my dark master.  you still mad about that, really?  you still mad about the clone saga too?  what art team do you want on the book, Todd Macfarlane?  How about Steve Ditko?  Lets all live in the past!!!!  you do know the clone saga was Marvel's attempt to get rid of the marriage then too.  they've been trying practically since it happened. 

You know what, you're right.  I'm going to call Marvel right now and suggest they put the Dark Wolverine creative team on Spider-Man, forget Dan Slott and Joe Kelly, those hacks.  Maybe that will help it get better sales at the shop in your city, since it's obviously the center the comic book universe, and the employees there are all telling it how it is, preaching the gospel.  probably shouldn't though, because your shop doesn't sound like they're trying to make money, high moral principles, probably why the books don't sell there.  I know how to multiply.  $12 is not a huge financial strain on me. 

How many X-Men books get reprinted?  Red Hulk?  Dark Wolverine!?  Books only get reprinted if they're underordered, which Amazing Spider-Man never is, it's a top seller. 

I do agree that I've been wondering where the Black Cat is though. 

all of your arguments are pointless to me, as I am currently rolling around in a pile of promotional lantern rings.

speaking of, I'm going to make sure i get that Deadpool Seige variant.  I don't like variants, but I'm going to get that one just because Marvel made me laugh sticking it to DC like that.

dbrock06 1/22/2010 8:09:05 AM

Sorry if I work on a budget and cannot afford to read every book that is out there.  12 bucks to me, while it may not be much to you, is 3 to 4 other books to read that I may enjoy. 

I am not upset about anything.  Also,  how come if I for the first time read a book and liked it, that means that those working on it are the best in the world.  I. like yourself am entitled to an opinion.  I just wanted more information on a character that I had no knowledge of.   I also just wanted to express how surprised I was at how good I thought the book was.  Ben has been talking up the book and I finally gave it a shot.  I guess you don't care to listen to anyone elses opinion though.  Just because you are in the service it doesn't make your opinion more valid than mine or anyone elses on this site. 

Spiderman is never underordered and I can guarantee that there are a ton of extra copies in more shops than the one I go to.  the reason I speak of my shop, is because it is the one that I go to.  It also has been in business for over 30 years, so I guess they are doing a lot wrong and are tired of running it.  I have no idea what is going on in other cities, just where I shop.  Apparantly you must know everything going on in every other city in the country.   Or maybe you are at the center of the comic universe yourself.   At least that is how it is coming across.  and if that is the case I must be really out of the loop if I don't enjoy spiderman.  Noone seems to share the same opinion as I do.  (Insert Sarcasm here)

I really don't know how you can keep defending the artwork on the title either.   I don't know exactly who I want on the book.  All I know is I want someone who can bring some life to the character.  Make it exciting again. 

Spiderman is a top seller to the retailers.  That does not mean that people are buying the book in the stores.  Yes I know supply and demand.  they only order what they can sell.   But from where I am located. I see that they are ordering a lot less than they have been.  Maybe the shop I frequent is an anomoly.  but I find that hard to believe.   and by the way.  There have been a ton of Deadpool comics out there the last few months that have been reprinted.   I guess that character is a little bit more popular than people want to admit.  If there was such a buzz about Spiderman like you say, and it is one of tthe greatest books out there, then there should be times when the book is underordered and people are dying to get it.  I just do not see that going on.  There is no buzz whith the character.  The buzz I see and hear is only negative. 

CDale.  It is nothing personal.  I have a different opinion than you.  that is all I am expressing.  We can fight all day.  We both obviously will never agree with the other.

jedibanner 1/22/2010 12:22:54 PM

Wow....someone's voiving what they thing allright....

Just kidding.

IT's clear though that most of the people sharing their thoughts have (or had) a true love for the character Spider-Man and the fact the character is still being debated that harsh in may forums IS a sign maybe things are the way they should with the old web head.

But, without going into too much each is own taste, no comic shops knows more then others but I do know that many comic shops owner talk to each other and also talk to Wizard and there is sometimes  value in speaking with our comic shops.

It helps to get some inside scoops on what's coming up or what's happened or what's selling or not. It's part of the comic world, it's why one day I'd love to have my own comic shop.

On that note.....How's Spidey doing? (KIDDING, KIDDING)

cdale78 1/22/2010 12:59:54 PM

like I told lister, I have no anger toward anyone in here, my comments are not intended to be read as angry or even serious.  I'm a troublemaker.  I do enjoy the book personally, but I know I am mostly alone in that opinion on this board.  it's like poking a nest of wasps with a stick. 

I did post a website that gives the sales numbers on last week's message board.  I won't again, though maybe I should because it made lister mad.  the months I looked at had 3 or 4 of the Amazing Spider-Man books in the top 20 every month.  not bad for a nearly weekly comic.  it's more of an investment for a lot of fans like you said yourself.  add all the numbers together and it's the industry's top selling comic (to retailers) on a monthly basis.  most of DC's top books and therefore money is coming from a limited series event, Blackest Night.  that is going to end, Spider-Man will not.  from my perspective, Marvel is happy with the money it's making.  you may differ 

buzz is hard to get.  all joking aside if Dark Wolverine is a buzz worthy book, doesn't mean it's going to receive it.  it's hard to get anybody to notice outside of tying into an event right now.  they are just trying to tell their story.  the last few times Spider-Man has been the buzz book off the top of my head were Mephisto, the Iron Spider suit, and the Goblin twins.  not always a good thing that buzz, unless you believe there is no such thing as negative "press" or talk.  as it all brings attention

jedibanner, no fair being the bigger person than me.  you're supposed to attack me back.  good for you

lister 1/22/2010 3:02:56 PM

I never made any comments about ASM sales specifically, you are thinking of someone else. My only comments on ASM is about how I am no longer enjoying it. I don't care how many others read or don't read the titles I enjoy unless they are getting cancelled!!

agentkooper 1/23/2010 10:30:00 PM

Dbrock -

Great idea posting sales figures.  I'll talk to my editor and see what he thinks.

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