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Comics2Film: HOWARD THE DUCK returns...nuff said

Your news roundup for December 23

By Rob M. Worley     December 23, 2008
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As we head into the holidays we have but a few meager bits of comic book movie news for you...


THE SPIRIT of giving

THE SPIRIT autographed poster for charity auction benefiting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Lionsgate has announced eBay charitable auctions for five posters from 'The Spirit' signed by Frank Miller, Eva Mendes, Scarlet Johansson, Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson and Dan Lauria, plus an additional sixth poster package that includes  a cast signed poster,  THE SPIRIT snow globe, THE SPIRIT action figure and THE SPIRIT coffee table book.

All the proceeds will benefit the The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. All items will be sent with a signed letter verifying their authenticity.

Auctions begin today and will continue through the weekend, ending December 26th, 2008.  Interested fans and collectors should be aware there are only a limited amount of posters and items available.

Click, bid and give! Auction 1 - Auction 2 - Auction 3 - Auction 4 - Auction 5 - Auction 6




HOWARD THE DUCK on DVD says that the first major Marvel movie is coming to DVD for the first time.

'Howard the Duck' is due from Universal Home Entertainment on March 10th.

The sometimes-funny film stars Lea Thompson, Tim Robbins and Jeffrey Jones and was produced by George Lucas. Regarded by many as one of the worst movies of all time Lucas' special effects flair went missing and Howard appears as a very unconvincing midget in a duck suit, that neither resembles nor improves upon the comic book artwork. Also absent was Howard creator's satire and social commentary which permeated the comics.

Still, it's an interesting relic for the Comics2Film fan...



VIZ Media and Warner Home Video Forge Distribution Alliance

Press release

VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media) and Warner Home Video (WHV) have reached agreement for the home entertainment distribution in the United States and Mexico of new and catalog DVD releases from VIZ Media.  The announcement was jointly made by Hidemi Fukuhara, President and CEO of VIZ Media and Jeff Brown, WHV Executive Vice President and General Manager, TV, Family and Animation.  

Effective April 1, 2009, WHV will be the exclusive home entertainment distributor for new and catalog DVD content based on well-known franchises such as NARUTO, BLEACH, DEATH NOTE and INUYASHA as well as the POKÉMON animated television series and catalog features.  The first new DVD releases from VIZ Media and WHV are scheduled to be NARUTO Uncut Box Set 13, NARUTO Uncut Box Set 13 Special Edition and HUNTER X HUNTER Box Set Volume 2 on April 7, 2009.

VIZ Media is one of the leading purveyors of Japanese animated content (anime) and manga (graphic novel) publishing in North America. VIZ Media is one of the largest U.S. studios in the non-theatrical anime DVD segment and has played a major role in helping anime gain widespread mainstream popularity.

A leader in the video distribution industry, over the years WHV has successfully signed agreements with content owners of some of the world’s most renowned brands including BBC, National Geographic, Peanuts, Dr. Seuss, Popeye, American Girl, Cartoon Network, Leap Frog, Scholastic, The Wiggles, NFL, NBA and NHL.  Other perennial animated properties in the Warner Bros. library include Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Hanna Barbera, Scooby-Doo, Batman, Superman and all of the other DC Comics characters.

Regarding the announcement, Mr. Fukuhara remarked, “We look forward to joining forces with Warner Home Video and are confident that in working with their strength in sales and distribution, we will continue to grow the anime category even more effectively than we have over the last several years.  We’re very encouraged by Warner Home Video’s enthusiasm for this category and our properties and look forward to our titles reaching an even wider audience as a result of this relationship.”

Brown added, “The association between Warner Home Video and VIZ Media demonstrates our continued commitment to the growing sector of anime. Adding to our previous success with The Animatrix and Appleseed: Ex Machina, we are looking forward to a successful relationship with VIZ Media, one of the top players in the anime genre and children’s animation.”


Crowded Christmas at the box office?

Variety reports that Thursday will go on record as one of the most crowded Christmas release slates in recent memory, with five major movies opening: 'The Spirit' joins 'Bedtime Stories', 'Benjamin Button'. 'Marley and Me' and 'Valkyrie' in competing for holiday dollars. This is with several movies already going strong.

However, the trades predict that most films will do well and ring up good cheer for the studios.



Brad Pitt as LION-O!

With the news slowing down we provide the following viral video that's making the rounds this week. An extremely inventive fan, using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere has cut together and doctored clips from 'Troy', 'Pitch Black', 'Garfield' and others to create an almost credible 'Thundercats' trailer.

Bonus holiday game: List the films that were clipped to make Thundercats in the comments below!



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metalpause 12/23/2008 6:46:31 AM

Absolutely wonderful Thundercats "trailer" to behold. Stellar job! The editing was amazing!!!

theideaman 12/23/2008 6:59:30 AM

Dang!  I read the headline and thought there was a new Howard the Duck movie on the way.

If ever there was a need for a "reboot"...

almostunbiased 12/23/2008 7:17:33 AM

Ok I just have to say that if Howard is ever remade that person should be hung in public.  Also i want to go see that Thundercats movie.  That was awesome.

mortellan 12/23/2008 7:22:39 AM

Amazing trailer! Iy'll be tough for a REAL Thundercats movie to  rock as much as this fake one did.

bjordson 12/23/2008 8:00:33 AM

OK! lets start with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Troy, X3 the last stand, Aliens, Masters of the Universe, the Fellowship of the Ring, the Return of the King, Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, Farscape, Stargate, StarTrek The Undescovered Country, the Mummy, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Sure Im missing more, but still that was an awesome trailer. 


theideaman 12/23/2008 8:03:40 AM

Howard the Duck in its original comic book form was fantastic and could be made into an exceptionally cool movie.  Unfortunately, that will most likely never happen.

jedi4sshield 12/23/2008 8:08:16 AM

Agreed. despite these clips from all those movies, even I have to admit that it was truly well done.

Weave 12/23/2008 8:23:02 AM

That clip was amazing. Better than anything Lucas has done in 25 years.

fft5305 12/23/2008 8:32:29 AM

Holy shit. I have to admit, that is a very well put together trailer. Unfortunately, I have the feeling that the first trailer for the real Thundercats movie (if it is ever made) won't look half as good as this.

acidsquall73 12/23/2008 10:28:20 AM

 Add to bjordsons list, I'm sure of Galaxyquest and about 45% on one of the Spy Kids movies being in there.

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