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Your news roundup for December 18

By Rob M. Worley     December 18, 2008
Source: Various

IRON MAN 2, Black Widow and Hawkeye slideshow
© Mania

Casting rumors for 'Iron Man 2'! Casting rumors for 'Batman 3'! Location rumors for 'Green Lantern'! And even some straight talk about 'The Spirit'. This is your Comics2Film update for December 18th.


Black Widow, Hawkeye and Tim Robbins in IRON MAN 2?

Remember a few weeks back when casting sides for 'Iron Man 2' surfaced, giving vague descriptions of characters who might be appearing in the movie. Most websites were quick to say two of the characters seemed like The Black Widow and The Crimson Dynamo. I think we were the first to lend our careless speculation that the third character might be Hawkeye.

Now LatinoReview is claiming that their sources tell them that Hawkeye and Black Widow are, in fact, part of the 'Iron Man 2' story, and figure prominently in the action.

Without corroboration it's too soon to say "we told you so", but we are going to upgrade Hawkeye from "wild speculation" to "unsubstantiated rumor".

LatinoReview also reports that Tim Robbins is on board to play Howard Stark, the father of Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark, presumably in flashback. The scene supposedly solidifies the Captain America and Avengers threads that are running through the Marvel movies.

[LINK] - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.


GREEN LANTERN lighting in NSW and Sydney?

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that filmmakers for Warner Bros. are scouting locations in New South Wales and meeting with local artisans in Sydney. All of this is said to be build-up to the 'Green Lantern' production.

The paper mentions that the region is starved for a big-budget Hollywood picture, not having hosted one since 'Australia' and 'Wolverine' wrapped earlier this year.

The article also mentions a casting rumor that's been roundly debunked, so we won't repeat it for fear of perpetuation.

[LINK] - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



AICN calls bullshit on Bat-Casting Rumors

Our tip jar is overflowing with fans pushing various nonsense casting rumors around Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' follow up.

Apparently its the same over at Ain't it Cool News, where a seemingly exasperated Harry Knowles has declared all bat-casting talk "bullshit", including recent stories that Rachel Weisz, Eddie Murphy and Shia LaBeouf are circling, in talks, on the short list or otherwise somehow attached to the film. Knowles takes it a step further, offering the scathing accusation that the first-reporters on these remors are just making things up to boost traffic.

Sources reportedly overheard Knowles saying, "I'm shocked, SHOCKED that websites would print nonsense just to get attention," before falling into a dead faint.

OK, that didn't really happen, but the irony of Knowles indignation is fairly amusing.

Still, he's right in calling the rumors what they are. Nolan has said in the past week that he has no idea what the story for the next movie will be. There's no Catwoman, no Riddler and no Robin until the man says there will be. Then we can worry about casting.



Frank Miller talks THE SPIRIT and SIN CITY 2

SCI FI Wire had a one-on-one chat with Mr. Frank Miller around his upcoming film work. If you want the scoop on how "A Dame to Kill For" figures in to 'Sin City 2' hit the link.




Lots of DC Hero Movie talk from Mr. Alan Horne has a nice video Q & A with Warner Chief Alan Horne who talks about 'The Dark Knight', 'Superman', 'Green Lantern' and more.

The best news is that they're more interested in making a movie with Chris Nolan rather than making a deadline.

[LINK]  - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.


Bruce Willis in THE SURROGATES

First Look: The Surrogates

Finally, Disney has unveiled the first photo of Mr. Bruce Willis in 'The Surrogates' based on the graphic novel published by Top Shelf Comics.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.


THOR developing slowly

Out doing press for 'Valkyrie' Kenneth Branagh reveals that it's still too early to talk about 'Thor' casting but he's very excited where the script is at.




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DrSpiderhead 12/18/2008 10:04:57 AM

Good news all around.  I like that they aren't going to rush into Batman 3 because part 3's gernally suck and WB usually screws things up, so maybe they've learned.  I also like that "Superman in the next couple of years" and "Green Lantern is on the runway".  Oh and "Justice League ... not yet" is great news!!!!

spiderhero 12/18/2008 11:46:17 AM

Terrance Stamp would make a great Odin. Perhaps an aged Odin past his prime before he dies and passes the mantle to Thor.

Kerrith 12/18/2008 12:52:05 PM

How about Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood and Generation Kill as Thor?


He might be a bit small but so is Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and that turned out well.

hanso 12/18/2008 5:11:20 PM

Harry Knowles needs to STFU!  Dude runs every single rumor on his site and now he's bitching about people doing the same shit?  LOL.  Crazy bastard is the first one to run them.

Let's get Green Lantern off the ground damn it!



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