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Comics2Film Turns 10!

By Rob M. Worley     June 04, 2007

Notice anything different about the site today?

I should hope so! The Comics2Film team has been working hard to get the site looking proper for its 10th anniversary. (If you're a press-type, read our press release).

So here we are, 10 years after I started up a little fan site about a bastard movie genre that nobody seemed to care about. Now comic-based films are hands-down the hottest sub-genre at the box office.

Here we are, following the 23rd weekend of the year. Almost one out of every three of those weekends have seen a comic-book film at #1. I've said it before and it's even more true today: it's an exciting time to be a fan of comic book movies.

And with the 10th anniversary, it's an exciting time to be a Comics2Film fan. We've got new writers on board bringing you original news (like the 'Fantastic Four Set Visit Series'). We've got new site features (like comments directly after the news articles...oh, if only AICN had thought of that) with more coming every week.

Best of all, we've got the return of the daily giveaway! Starting this week we'll have daily contests you can enter to win free cool stuff: like Silver Surfer warm-up jackets from Team Fox (as seen on American Idol), an awesome Abe Sapien maquette from Sideshow Collectibles, an iPod shuffle from DealsPlus, unique superhero glasses from ToonTumblers, a chance to start up your own website from (see if you can keep it going for 10 years), tons of DVDs, toys and more.

This re-launch of the site owes a big "Thanks" to Mr. Patrick Coyle, who created the all-new logo for the site. In addition to being an awesome designer, Patrick is the mastermind behind,, a great place to go for daily comics from top-notch creators.

Of course we couldn't have gotten this far without our hosts at Comics2Film was among their first clients when they were just a small start-up operation run by one man. Now they have an extensive support and development team and an impressive full-featured, completely secure hosting facility. It's safe to say there would be no Comics2Film without the support and service of

So that's it! Enough with the speeches. Hit the link below and give that new commenting system a work out. Let's get on with the birthday party!

- Robbo


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