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Comics2Film/Facebook Quiz #1 Solutions

By Rob M. Worley     July 11, 2007

Below are the solutions to Comics2Film's Facebook/Flixter Movie Quiz #1!

Take the quiz first, then learn the story behind the answers...



Who played Hank McCoy in 'X2: X-Men United'?

Ah hah! Starting off with a trick question! ('s like that). I hope you didn't answer Kelsey Grammer.

Steven Bacic actually played the character in 'X2', appearing briefly in a background TV program.This is before Hank McCoy grows blue fur.

Kelsey Grammer, of course, played the furry version in 'X-Men: The Last Stand'

The 'Blade 2' villain Nomak in was originally meant to be what Marvel character?

Morbius: The Living Vampire.

David Goyer had originally pitched Marvel's scientifically engineered vampire as the villain of the film, but retooled the concept when New Line got skittish over using another Marvel character. You can't blame them: they were getting sued by Marv Wolfman at the time over Blade himself.

Which of the following live-action TV shows was based a comic?

The Showtime series 'Jeremiah' was based on the European comics by Hermann.

'The Avengers', 'The Defenders', 'Lobo' and 'Alias' are all the names of live action shows, but have nothing to do with the Marvel and DC comics of the same name.

Jet Li's 'The One' steals its plot from what comic?

'Books of Magic' featured a storyline in which saw a Tim Hunter from an alternate dimension traveling through the parallel worlds, killing his alternate selves and inheriting their powers, which is exactly the same premise of Jet Li's movie.  Of course, many recognize that 'Harry Potter' also bears many similarities to the Tim Hunter character.

But 'Young Ancient One' rules!

 Which of the following comic book characters has Nicolas Cage never been attached to play on the big screen?

Nic Cage has never had flirtations with Nick Fury.

He was famously signed to a seven figure pay or play deal on Superman when Tim Burton was directing it in the late 1990s. The film fell apart and Warner was obligated to pay Cage for not being Superman, but word is he never held them to the deal.

He was also close to signing as Norman Osborn in 'Spider-Man', but couldn't work out the scheduling conflicts with 'Windtalkers'.  He was also cast as 'Constantine' long before Keanu came on board. And he finally did play 'Ghost Rider'.

Which of the following movies is not based on a comic?

'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' is based on novels bay Du Lu Wang, although they were later adapted as comics.

The other four movies all started as funny books.

Which of the following actors has portrayed greatest number of different characters in comic-based movies?

Alan Cumming is the surprise answer here, having played four different characters in 'X2: X-Men United', 'Son of the Mask', 'Josie and the Pussycats' and 'Garfield'.

Rosario Dawson appeared in 'Men in Black II', 'Sin City' and 'Josie'.

Ben Foster appeared in 'The Punisher', 'X-Men: The Last Stand' and '30 Days of Night'.

Doug Jones played in 'Men in Black', 'Rise of the Silver Surfer' and 'Hellboy'.

Donal Logue appeared in 'Blade', 'American Splendor' and 'Ghost Rider'.

Which movie did Marvel lobby to have their name removed from?

Marvel was nervous about 'Blade' being an edgy R-rated movie and you have to look hard to find their name in the credits. Of course, 'Blade' became the first in the line of films that turned them into bankable Hollywood players.

They had no qualms about 'Howard the Duck' and 'Man-Thing' though, which unfortunately are the least-fondly remembered Marvel films to date.

Doctor Mordrid and Conan weren't actually Marvel movies.

In the Japanese-produced live-action 'Spider-Man' show, which of the following is not part of the web-slinger's arsenal?

The Japanese spider-man can spin webs and climb walls just like the American one. When the going gets tough he shouts into his web spinners and summons his rocket car. When things get really tough he pushes a button and the car rockets into the air and joins with his giant robot.

He does not, however, have a spider-stinger at his disposal. That would be silly.




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