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jedibanner 1/2/2013 7:25:59 AM

I think some of the stuff your saying makes sense GreatOne but you have to consider that Quesada is also responsible for many great things at Marvel so his talen is present to some level, somehow was just never as good with Spider-Man than his other work.

OMD was not handled well and the reason that started it all out was they felt PP married didn't really attract a new generation of fans...ok...that was fair. But to mind-swipe everyone's head and just forget who is alive or dead and just start from scratch as if nothing ever happened? Worst of all the deal with Mephisto was made to save a 100 year old lady? So many missed opportunities with this story.

Then they decide to kill PP again with a mind-swipe and have one of his nemesis take over and just ''learn'' to be Spider-man?

Again...many missied opportunities. I'm just happy I'm not buying any Spider-Man books anymore because if I was...I'd just quit the book.

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