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shac2846 2/7/2013 7:59:55 PM

 Snapshot sounds good. Will check that out.

Sounds like more shufflining in the new 52 wave 3. A handful of book are getting canceled and new creative teams being announced on existing books. The new creative teams sound like a joke, I make check out some of the new titles once they are announced but to me it sounds like DC comics is going into DC Entertainment territory which is cluster f^ck. Don't get me wrong there are some really great new 52 books. But with the new 52 DC has had the oppurtunity to completely redinfine some of these characters without restraints and give new creative spins on them especially B and C list characters and it seems they just keep dropping the ball. 

Although I have yet to pick up any of the collected editions yet. Marvel Now sounds much better in it's planning. Aside from spider-man which no one seems to like right now, are the rest of the marvel now books good? I have heard all new x-men, uncanny avengers, indestructable hulk, avengers, and a few others are really good. Anyone been reading them?

joelr 2/8/2013 6:48:17 AM

I would say overall Marvel NOW has been very good. Iron man has been very enjoyable, Thor as well. Hulk finally has a clear focus, and is definitely worth your time. Superior Spider-Man has yet to live up to it's potential.

The one issue that is developing with MN is the overexposure of the Avengers. I don't mind that there are three major Avengers books, but Marvel's crazy shipping schedule has 5-8 Avengers books dropping every month, and that's a bit much. Avengers #4-5 came out last week and this week, which is nice if you are digging it, but with the other two titles doing the same thing your wallet will be drained in no time.

jedibanner 2/8/2013 7:47:24 AM

I'v eunfortunatelly gave up on DC, stories aren't that interesting anymore. It's obvious everyone is doing their own thing and noone seems to he heling the overall universe of DC. Marvel NOW has been excellent across the board IMO.

Hulk is my favorite right now, awsome stories, awsome art and finally he has focus. The Avengers are hit and miss but still better than anything DC has out right now. The Illuminati arc right now is the best I think.

Superior SM....not worth any mention, waste of breath or waste of time. It's the one area that Marvel has still not fixed and won't be able to for a long time.

Marvel has the big Ultron Crossover coming in March so that should be interesting.

stonedtodeath 2/8/2013 11:00:18 AM

Thanks for finally covering the Avengers this week, I know I have been badgering anyone who'll listen to read that comic.  To me, it really is the best comic to come out of Marvel Now, Hickman is a good writer and Kuberts art is good.  The X related comics have really outshined the Avengers comics the past couple of years and it looks like they are taking a backseat to the Avengers in Marvel Now.  You may disagree, but most of the good writers are writing for Avengers related comics.  Remender, Hickman, Bendis are all writing for an Avengers comic.  Remender just left Secret Avengers and Uncanny X-Force for Captain America.  The New Avengers Arc is interesting especially with the members of the Illuminati.  Uncanny Avengers is okay, not sold on it yet, but I like the roster.  X-Factor is pretty good right now and I like Savage Wolverine, both of those are good reads.  The new Thunderbolts has a great roster, but I think they have changed the overall purpose of the Thunderbolts, which was to reform super villains.  The new roster is chock full of your typical Antihero types.  The Dark Avengers (actual Thunderbolts) isn't bad either, if you like C-list villains in a possible alternate dimension fighting A-list heroes.  Overall Marvel Now has kept things interesting (except Superior Spider-Man), but I can't compare it to DC because I have no interest in DC comics with the exception of Before Watchmen.  I think Marvel has it's finger on the pulse of what it's readers want mostly and try to deliver that.



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