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Alkesandr 5/30/2012 5:48:01 PM

Marvel did have to wait until gay marriage was legal in NYC for Northstar to get married.  I suppose he and Kyle could have gotten married while they were in Canada during the last Alpha Flight series, but that was only eight issues and Kyle spent most of them a prisoner of the Master.

vitieddie 5/30/2012 6:45:19 PM

I think both Marvel and DC do try to break new ground but this all seems like a sales gimmick.

Thanks Hanso ... I second that idea!

karas1 5/30/2012 7:17:38 PM

I don't get why guys like lesbians.  The lesbians don't want you.  Go after straight chicks  You have a better chance with them.

Moz72 5/30/2012 9:29:47 PM

How come nobody at Mania is reviewing Young Justice? Young Justice is definitely one of the best animated DCU programs on television. I think it has surpassed Justice League in terms of style and storytelling.

It has gotten even better with the current season Young Justice: Invasion

DaForce1 5/30/2012 11:20:41 PM

The only X-Men title I read is Wolverine and the X-Men, mainly because it doesn't take the X-Men universe as seriously as the rest of the titles do. Frankly, gay characters and/or gay marriages in comics primarily to sell comics instead of advancing the story of those comics are purely for speculators dumb enough to think their comic will be worth anything come next year. Just ask the same speculators that even now keep trying to pawn off the Death of Superman like it's not worth less than the $2.25 cover price it sold for 20 years ago.

Granted, when we look back on this moment (gay marriage bans) 20 years from now, it's going to be just as shocking as interracial marriage bans were before they were abolished in 1967. The same arguments were used for interracial marriage bans that have been used for same sex marriage bans, and frankly it just shows ignorance, intolerance, and hate. It has nothing to do with religion, just like interracial marriage has nothing to do with religion (yes, that same argument was made back in the 60's).


heath0920 5/31/2012 4:53:36 AM

Without a doubt, I believe Marvel and DC are using these as sales gimmicks, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate their attempts to make their worlds more real. In one of Vaughn's storylines in Ex Machina, he explored the politics of gay relationships. Yet, I didn't hear bigoted hate groups demanding comic shops pull that one off the shelves. More than anything, what bugs me is all the people who use stories they find questionable as an excuse to ban the stories all together. If YOU don't like something, YOU can choose not to buy it! I can't stand Jersey Shore or the Kardashians so I find another form of entertainment. I don't write hate letters to MTV or E demanding that they remove those shows from their programming. The MIlion Moms (or 20,000 or so)have every right to parent their children and prevent them from reading material those Mothers deem questionable., And I have every right to buy that same material for my nephews to open up a dialogue of what gay, straight, and lesbian means. But don't you DARE claim to speak FOR me, I can do that just fine on my own.

 Gays, lesbians, and the transgendered make up about 5% of the population, why can't they have ONE wedding out of the hundreds we've seen? Comics are still driven by white male stereotypes so ANY time either of the publishers try to be more minority responsive is okay by me.

jedibanner 5/31/2012 5:51:04 AM

Well said heat0920.

I would add though that I wouldn't go as far as say Marvel is doing a gimmick. They are ''hypping'' the wedding issue but have been dealing with the gay aspect of comics for a while now.

The Young Avengers has had 2 characters who are gay since the beginning without doing any big events or hoopla and it was a great story in itself and no one complained about it as much as with this new couple....only because IMO the media itself has picked it up and now it's out in the open to the general public.

and Karas1....some lesbians still like know......if we can join.....ok, ok....going too far now, sorry Karas1. No disrespect to any girls out there (lesbian or not).

hanso 5/31/2012 7:13:30 AM

 Heath, I think everyone here needs the talk.  Whats a lesbian?

Wiseguy 5/31/2012 7:27:48 AM

A lesbian is what we in the scientific community refer to as a............."carpet muncher"

Like Borat would say, "It's a very NICE!!!   High fife"


hanso 5/31/2012 7:30:11 AM

 or like Pauly D "Yeaaaah BUDDY!"

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