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jedibanner 1/16/2013 10:19:43 AM

Mmmm, may be interesting but doesn't seem to have enough for me to add in my list.

Here's some great books to consider also:

- Caligula: heart of Rome (Avatar) = great art, crazy story based on the maniac Caligula (you need to read first serie of 6 issues first)

- Indestructible Hulk (Marvel) = Hulk is back and couldn't look better (well, it could if Perez, Byrne  or Keown was back on the book), Waid is a great writer for the character and what he did for Daredevil is even better with Huk

- All new X-Men (Marvel) = All you Bendis hater will have a hard time hating this book, it really follows A Vs X and really have fun with the characters and throws in some unexpected moves from different characters, great storytelling.

- Age of Bronze (Image) = Just got the first 2 trades but the art and story of the Trojan War is great...granted the last issue came out after almost 3 years from the issue before but still.

shac2846 1/16/2013 10:59:35 AM

jedibanner, so you really enjoyed the age of bronze. I have some friends of mine who don't even really collect comics or trades tell me how good they are that should have been a clue to pick it up. I'll be picking it up on amazon with my next order. 

I'm a trade guy but I will defintely check out waid's hulk when it hits and it has taken all my self control not to go out and buy the all new x-men off stands. It sounds like from the reviews my patience will be rewarded. 

Jinnrise sounds cool to me and the art is great. Have to wait and see but I'm interested. 

jedibanner 1/17/2013 10:14:34 AM

And for the love ofr crap, please take a look at Todd, the ugliest kid on earth, So good, so funny, really not what I though it would be but very sarcastic yet mature.




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