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Comicscape: Masks and Mobsters/ Eternity

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Comicscape: Masks and Mobsters/ Eternity

Feel good hits of the Summer

By Joel Rickenbach     August 01, 2012

After last week's big  Batman article, I wanted to recommend a few books that you might have missed on the physical and digital comic racks last week. As always- If you pick up these books I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below. 
Masks and Mobsters #1,by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson. Published by Monkeybrain comics:
I don't think I will ever truly tire of Golden Age superhero stories. Don't get me wrong- they've been done to death, but they still reel me in hook, line and sinker. Imagine my delight when I found out Masks and Mobsters is not only a Golden Age tale, but one with a fresh perspective. We're usually saddled with a hero struggling with a secret identity, or trying to be accepted by the world at large. Masks and Mobsters, however, changes the perspective to that of the wiseguys. What kinds of problems do mask wearing heroes (or Domino Masks as they are called in the book) present for the mob? And how do made men deal with these costumed folks who think they're similarly above the law, albeit in a whole different way? This book answers those questions, and said answers are usually pretty violent. It's like Ed Brubaker taking on Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier.
Writer Joshua Williamson crafts a sharp story that will have its hooks in you in a breezy 18 pages. Mike Henderson's art is nothing short of gorgeous; the black and white renderings with fantastic ink washes set the mood. The highest compliment I can pay the visuals is they evoke the best of Tim Sale, but are a style all their own. For anyone who has yet to take the digital plunge- this may be the opportunity you've been waiting for. Monkeybrain Comics is only offering Masks and Mobsters digitally for now, and it's a steal at .99 cents. Fire up Comixology and part with a buck, you'll be glad you did.
National Comics: Eternity #1, by Jeff Lemire, Cully Hamner and Derec Donovan. Published by DC Comics
Poor Kid Eternity. He’s been bought, sold, killed and retconned ad nauseum since 1956. Once a cornerstone of the National Comics label, he and the rest of the National line were sold to DC in ’56. Ever since he’s struggled to find his place amongst the DC stable of heroes, usually getting cast off to side universes such as Earth-X or Earth-S. More often than not he was killed off only to be resurrected in a different decade with a tweaked origin. He was part of the Captain Marvel /Shazam! Books in the 70’s, had the pleasure of being written by Grant Morrison in the 90’s, and even was a Vertigo character for 16 issues. Most recently he was killed in the first few pages of JSA #1 (1999), and somehow found his way back into the DCU during the run of 52. Not exactly a sparkling track record for a comic character, but much like the dead souls he brings back to life, Kid Eternity is getting a second (third, fourth, fifth, sixth…) chance.

DC’s New 52 is bringing some of the National Comics characters back into play on a trial basis. Kid Eternity, Rose and Thorn, Madame X, and Looker will all get a one-shot to reintroduce them to the comic audience, and see if there’s enough demand for further stories. From that perspective, Kid Eternity is sittin’ pretty- He gets quite possibly the hottest writer in comics to justify his existence- Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Animal Man, Essex County). This new take on Kid Eternity is a guy named Christopher Freeman, who works as a police coroner with a bit of an edge- Ever since he died, and subsequently came back to life, Christopher gained the ability to bring the recently dead back to life, but only for 24 hours. The dead can’t remember the last day of their life, but Christopher uses everything they know leading up to their death to solve the mystery of how they died. There’s a lot of similarities to Bryan Fuller’s Pushing Daisies TV series from a few years back, particularly in the twist at the end of the book, but the same could be said in reverse, so it’s all good by me. The mystery presented in this one-shot centers around a dead antique store owner who finds himself on Christopher’s slab. Once Chris dives down into the in-between and recovers the antique dealer’s soul, a quest involving a missing World War II pistol, and the killer’s identity ensues. The events don’t play out as cut and dried as you may think, and that’s definitely a good thing. Lemire really knows how to give his characters a voice. Christopher’s inner monologue is very refreshing and honest- something we don’t get enough of these days. Lemire also inhabits the mind of a fifty something New York antique dealer quite well. He comes off as real as opposed to the endless clichés we tend to get in supporting roles. Both Hamner and Donovan deliver strong art that fits well together considering the drawing duties are switched two thirds of the way through. Kudos to everyone involved for taking a character that had been used as fodder for decades, and made him relevant and interesting. I enjoyed this issue quite a lot, and hope interest is strong enough for DC to consider making this book a monthly, particularly with this creative team.

New comic releases for 8/1/12:

Art And Making Of The Dark Knight Trilogy HC, $40.00

Femforce #160 (not verified by Diamond), $9.95

Double Jumpers #2, $3.99

Girl Genius Volume 11 Agatha Heterodyne And The Hammerless Bell HC, $48.95
Girl Genius Volume 11 Agatha Heterodyne And The Hammerless Bell TP, $22.95

Lost In Space Encyclopedia II SC, $39.95

Cavewoman Natural Selection #1 (Of 2)(Devon Massey Regular Cover), $3.75
Cavewoman Natural Selection #1 (Of 2)(Devon Massey Special Edition), $6.95

Helldorado East Eats West TP, $9.99
Kung-Fu Panda Volume 1 Everyone Is Kung-Fu Fighting TP, $19.99
Penguins Of Madagascar Volume 2 #1, $3.99
Strawberry Shortcake Volume 2 #1, $3.99

Dive GN, $12.95

Mega Man Volume 3 Return Of Dr. Wily TP, $11.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #239, $2.99
Sonic Universe Volume 3 Knuckles Returns TP, $11.99
World Of Archie Double Digest #20, $3.99

Soulfire Volume 4 #1 (Cover A Mike DeBalfo), $3.99
Soulfire Volume 4 #1 (Cover B Michael Turner), $3.99
Soulfire Volume 4 #1 (Cover C Mike DeBalfo Dark Grace Incentive), AR

Art Of Gears Of War 3 HC, $65.00

Doctor Who Darkstar Academy And The Day Of Cockroach Audio CD, $19.95

Penny For Your Soul False Prophet #6 (Of 7)(J. B. Neto Cover), $3.50
Penny For Your Soul False Prophet #6 (Of 7)(Rob Duenas Cover), $3.50
Ursa Minor #2, $3.50

Macharian Crusade Angel Of Fire HC (Warhammer 40K), $24.99
Valkia The Bloody MMPB (Warhammer 40K), $8.99

Futurama Comics #62, $2.99
Simpsons Illustrated #3, $3.99

Garfield #4 (Cover A Gary Barker), $3.99
Garfield #4 (Cover B Jim Davis 1st Appearance Of Nermal), AR
Higher Earth #3 (Cover A Frazer Irving), $3.99
Higher Earth #3 (Cover B Phil Noto), $3.99
Higher Earth #3 (Cover C Zach Howard), AR
Higher Earth #3 (Cover D Zach Howard Sketch, AR
Higher Earth #3 (Cover E Frazer Irving Sketch), AR
Higher Earth #3 (Cover F Michael Golden CGC 9.8), AR
Hypernaturals #2 (Cover A Francesco Mattina), $3.99
Hypernaturals #2 (Cover B Timothy Green II), $3.99
Hypernaturals #2 (Cover C Trevor Hairsine), AR
Hypernaturals #2 (Cover D Trevor Hairsine Sketch), AR
Hypernaturals #2 (Cover F Bill Sienkiewicz CGC 9.8), AR
Planet Of The Apes Annual #1 (Cover A Gabriel Hardman), $4.99
Planet Of The Apes Annual #1 (Cover B Rael Lyra), $4.99
Planet Of The Apes Annual #1 (Cover E Chris Samnee), AR
Planet Of The Apes Annual #1 (Cover D Gabriel Hardman Sketch), AR
Planet Of The Apes Annual #1 (Cover E Chris Samnee Sketch), AR

Lady Death Volume 2 HC, $27.99
Lady Death Volume 2 HC (Signed Edition), $34.99
Lady Death Volume 2 TP, $19.99
War Goddess #9 (Renato Camilo Regular Cover), $3.99
War Goddess #9 (Michael Dipascale Art Nouveau Incentive Cover), AR
War Goddess #9 (Renato Camilo Sultry Cover), $3.99
War Goddess #9 (Michael Dipascale Wraparound Cover), $3.99

Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose Volume 10 TP (Previews Exclusive Limited Edition), $34.99

Cereal Geek Magazine #8 (not verified by Diamond), $15.00

Bone Color Edition Volume 7 Ghost Circles SC (New Printing), $10.99
Rasl #15, $4.99

Comic Shop News #1311, AR

CrossStar #1 (Sergio Cariello Cover)(not verified by Diamond), $3.99
CrossStar #1 (Ron Adrian Cover)(not verified by Diamond), $3.99

Archie Archives Volume 6 HC, $49.99
Beasts Of Burden Neighborhood Watch (One Shot), $3.50
Blade Of The Immortal Volume 25 Snowfall At Dawn TP, $19.99
Drifters Volume 2 TP, $12.99
Marvel Classic Characters Series 2 #1 Thor, $49.95
Mind MGMT #3, $3.99

Action Comics #12 (Cliff Chiang Variant Cover), AR
Action Comics #12 (Combo Pack Edition), $4.99
Action Comics #12 (Rags Morales Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Action Comics #12 (Rags Morales Regular Cover), $3.99
Amazingly Stupid MAD TP, $12.99
Animal Man #12, $2.99
Batman No Man's Land Volume 3 TP (New Edition), $34.99
Batwing #12, $2.99
Before Watchmen Nite Owl #2 (Of 4)(Andy Kubert & Joe Kubert Regular Cover), $3.99
Before Watchmen Nite Owl #2 (Of 4)(Combo Pack Edition), $4.99
Before Watchmen Nite Owl #2 (Of 4)(David Finch & Richard Friend Variant Cover), AR
Detective Comics #12 (Combo Pack Edition), $4.99
Detective Comics #12 (Tony S. Daniel & Sandu Florea Regular Cover), $3.99
Detective Comics #12 (Tony S. Daniel Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Dial H #4, $2.99
Earth 2 #4 (Ivan Reis Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Earth 2 #4 (Ivan Reis Regular Cover), $2.99
Flash Archives Volume 6 HC, $59.99
G.I. Combat #4, $3.99
Green Arrow #12, $2.99
Hitman Volume 7 Closing Time TP, $29.99
House Of Mystery Volume 8 Desolation TP, $14.99
I Zombie #28 (Final Issue), $2.99
Justice League International #12 (Final Issue), $2.99
Looney Tunes #208, $2.99
Red Lanterns #12, $2.99
Smallville Season 11 #4, $3.99
Stormwatch #12, $2.99
Superboy Volume 1 Incubation TP, $14.99
Superman Action Comics Volume 1 Superman And The Men Of Steel HC, $24.99
Swamp Thing #12, $2.99
Sweet Tooth #36, $2.99
Worlds' Finest #4 (George Perez Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Worlds' Finest #4 (George Perez Regular Cover), $2.99

Star Wars Official Figurine Collection Magazine #52 (Hoth Rebel Trooper), $14.00
Star Wars Official Figurine Collection Magazine #53 (Scout Trooper), $14.00
Star Wars Official Figurine Collection Magazine #54 (Zuckuss), $14.00
Star Wars Official Figurine Collection Magazine #56 (4-LOM), $14.00
Star Wars Official Figurine Collection Magazine #58 (Dengar), $14.00

LEGO Harry Potter The Characters Of A Magical World HC, $18.99

Dark Shadows Vampirella #1 (Fabiano Neves Exclusive Spot Color Cover)(Dynamic Forces), $14.99

Boys #69, $3.99
Dark Shadows Vampirella #1 (Fabiano Neves Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Dark Shadows Vampirella #1 (Fabiano Neves Red Variant Cover), AR
Dark Shadows Vampirella #1 (Fabiano Neves Regular Cover), $3.99
Lone Ranger #8 (Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover), $3.99
Merciless The Rise Of Ming #3, $3.99
Ninjettes #6, $3.99
Robert Jordan's The Wheel Of Time The Eye Of The World #28, $3.99
Shadow #4 (Alex Ross Regular Cover), $3.99
Shadow #4 (Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover), AR
Shadow #4 (Howard Chaykin Red Variant Cover), AR
Shadow #4 (Howard Chaykin Regular Cover), $3.99
Shadow #4 (John Cassaday Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Shadow #4 (John Cassaday Regular Cover), $3.99
Shadow #4 (Sean Chen Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Shadow #4 (Sean Chen Regular Cover), $3.99
Spider #4 (Francesco Francavilla Variant Cover), AR
Spider #4 (Francesco Francavilla Virgin Variant Cover), AR
Spider #4 (John Cassaday Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Spider #4 (John Cassaday Regular Cover), $3.99
Warlord Of Mars #20 (Joe Jusko Regular Cover), $3.99
Warlord Of Mars #20 (Lucio Parrillo Regular Cover), $3.99
Warlord Of Mars #20 (Lucio Parrillo Virgin Variant Cover), AR
Warlord Of Mars #20 (Risque Variant Cover), AR
Warlord Of Mars Volume 2 TP, $24.99

Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine #178 (Domino), $14.00
Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine #179 (Lady Sif), $14.00
DC Superhero Chess Figurine Collection Magazine Special #1 (Batman And Joker), $38.00
DC Superhero Chess Figurine Collection Magazine #10 (Commissioner Gordon White Pawn), $16.00
DC Superhero Chess Figurine Collection Magazine #11 (Ras Al Ghul Black Bishop), $16.00
DC Superhero Figurine Collection Magazine #112 (Red Hood & The Outlaws), $14.00
DC Superhero Figurine Collection Magazine #113 (Metallo), $14.00

No Straight Lines Four Decades Of Queer Comics HC, $35.00

District Comics An Unconventianal History Of Washington DC GN (not verified by Diamond), $24.95

Comic Heroes Magazine #13, $17.99

Extinction Seed #3 (Of 6)(Livia Pastore Regular Cover), $2.99
Extinction Seed #3 (Of 6)(Livia Pastore Variant Cover), $4.99
Route Des Maisons Rouges Volume 1 TP, $19.99

Bird And Squirrel Volume 1 On The Run GN (not verified by Diamond), $9.99
Cardboard GN (not verified by Diamond), $12.99
Cardboard HC (not verified by Diamond), $24.99

Dead Ahead Volume 1 TP, $19.95

Dark Shadows The Complete Series Volume 4 HC, $49.99

Diabolique #11, $9.98

30 Days Of Night #9 (Cover A Christopher Mitten), $3.99
30 Days Of Night Volume 2 TP, $17.99
Cape 1969 #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Zach Howard), $3.99
Cape 1969 #2 (Of 4)(Cover RI Nelson Daniel), AR
Classic G.I. JOE Volume 15 TP, $24.99
Crawl To Me Evil Edgar Edition HC, $24.99
Deadworld War Of The Dead #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Sami Makkonen), $3.99
Deadworld War Of The Dead #1 (Of 5)(Cover RI Sami Makkonen), AR
Dungeons And Dragons Dark Sun Volume 1 Ianto's Tomb TP, $19.99
Infected #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Chad Minshew), $3.99
Infected #1 (Of 5)(Signed by Scott Sigler), AR
Love And Capes What To Expect #1 (Of 6), $3.99
Michael Wm. Kaluta Sketchbook Series Volume 2 TP, $9.99
Monocyte HC, $49.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Ultimate Collection Volume 3 HC, $49.99
Transformers Regeneration One #82 (Cover A Andrew Wildman), $3.99
Transformers Regeneration One #82 (Cover B Guido Guidi), $3.99
Transformers Regeneration One #82 (Cover RI Geoff Senior), AR

Alpha Girl #4, $2.99
Black Kiss II #1 (Of 6), $2.99
Dancer #2 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.50
Epic Kill #4, $2.99
Godland #36, $3.99
Harvest #1 (Of 5), $3.50
Manhattan Projects #4 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.50
Mind The Gap #3 (Rodin Esquejo & Sonia Oback Regular Cover), $2.99
Mind The Gap #3 (Skottie Young Variant Cover), AR
Mondo #3 (Of 3), $4.99
Saga #4 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99
Thief Of Thieves #6 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99
Thief Of Thieves #7, $2.99
Think Tank #1 (Cover A Rahsan Ekedal & Brian Reber), $3.99
Think Tank #1 (Cover B Bagus Hutomo), AR

Harry Potter Poster Collection The Definitive Movie Posters SC, $24.99

Little Wolf Volume 1 GN (not verified by Diamond), $7.99

Dinocorps GN, $15.99
Kindred Spirits GN (not verified by Diamond), $17.99
White Knuckle GN, $15.99

Age Of Apocalypse #6, $2.99
Avengers Academy #34, $2.99
Avengers The Trial Of Yellowjacket TP, $39.99
Avengers Vs X-Men #0 (Of 12)(Frank Cho 6th Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Avengers Vs X-Men #1 (Of 12)(Jim Cheung 6th Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Avengers Vs X-Men #2 (Of 12)(Jim Cheung 6th Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Avengers Vs X-Men #9 (Of 12)(Adam Kubert Variant Cover), AR
Avengers Vs X-Men #9 (Of 12)(Jim Cheung Regular Cover), $3.99
Avengers Vs X-Men #9 (Of 12)(Salvador Larroca Promo Variant Cover), AR
Avengers Vs X-Men #9 (Of 12)(Salvador Larroca Avengers Team Variant Cover), AR
Avengers Vs X-Men #9 (Of 12)(Ryan Stegman Sketch Variant Cover), AR
Avengers Vs X-Men #9 (Of 12)(Ryan Stegman Variant Cover), AR
Avengers Vs X-Men #9 (Of 12)(Salvador Larroca X-Men Team Variant Cover), AR
Avenging Spider-Man #10, $3.99
Daredevil #16, $2.99
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #1 (Of 4), $2.99
Defenders #9, $3.99
First X-Men #1 (Of 5)(Neal Adams Regular Cover), $3.99
First X-Men #1 (Of 5)(Neal Adams Sketch Variant Cover), AR
First X-Men #1 (Of 5)(Neal Adams Variant Cover), AR
First X-Men #1 (Of 5)(Ryan Stegman Modern Artist Variant Cover), AR
Fury MAX #5, $3.99
Hawkeye #1 (Adi Granov Variant Cover), AR
Hawkeye #1 (Amazing Spider-Man 50th Anniversary Variant Cover), AR
Hawkeye #1 (David Aja Regular Cover), $2.99
Incredible Hulk Regression TP, $39.99
Invincible Iron Man #522, $3.99
Iron Man Revenge Of Mandarin HC (Premiere Edition), $39.99
Iron Man Revenge Of Mandarin HC (Premiere Edition)(Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 99), $39.99
Muppets #2 (Of 4), $2.99
New X-Men Omnibus HC (New Printing), $125.00
Peter Parker Spider-Man #156.1, $2.99
Punisher By Greg Rucka Volume 1 TP, $16.99
Thing Classic Volume 2 TP, $34.99
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13 (Adi Granov Variant Cover), AR
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13 (Jorge Molina Regular Cover), $3.99
X-Factor #241, $2.99
X-Force Child's Play HC (Premiere Edition), $39.99
X-Force Child's Play HC (Premiere Edition)(Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 100), $39.99
X-Men #33, $3.99
X-Men FF TP, $16.99
X-Men Iceman HC (Premiere Edition), $24.99
X-Men Iceman HC (Premiere Edition)(Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 101), $24.99
X-Men Operation Zero Tolerance HC, $75.00

Comic Books And The Cold War 1946-1962 SC, $40.00
Hammer Films An Exhaustive Filmography SC (not verified by Diamond), $25.00

Days Of Destruction Days Of Revolt HC, $28.00

Non-Sport Update Volume 23 #4, $5.99

Courtney Crumrin #4, $3.99

Doctor Who Magazine #449, $8.99

Monster Dinosaur HC, $9.99
Ninjago Volume 4 Tomb Of The Fangpyre GN (not verified by Diamond), $6.99
Ninjago Volume 4 Tomb Of The Fangpyre HC (not verified by Diamond), $10.99

Doctor Who And The Loch Ness Monster MMPB, $6.99
Doctor Who The Three Doctors MMPB, $6.99

2000 AD #1789, $5.25
2000 AD #1790, $5.25
2000 AD #1791, $5.25
Absalom Ghosts Of London GN, $17.99
Judge Dredd Inferno GN, $19.99
Judge Dredd Megazine #325, $12.25
Savage The Guvnor GN, $24.99
Strontium Dog The Life And Death Of Johnny Alpha GN, $24.99

Doc Savage Double Novel Volume 60 SC (James Bama Cover), $14.95
Doc Savage Double Novel Volume 60 SC (Regular Cover), $14.95
Shadow Double Novel Volume 63 SC, $14.95

Pinocchio Vampire Slayer Volume 2 The Great Puppet Theater GN, $14.95

Blood Rituals Art Of Tom Baxa SC, $24.99

Dark Knight Rises Official Novelization MMPB (not verified by Diamond), $7.99
Star Wars Insider #135 (August/September 2012)(Newsstand Edition), $6.99
Star Wars Insider #135 (August/September 2012)(Previews Exclusive Edition), $6.99

Brickjournal #20, $8.95

Disgaeart Disgaea Official Illustration Collection SC, $39.99
Shining Force Feather Official Design Works SC, $39.99

X 3-In-1 Edition Volume 3 TP (not verified by Diamond), $19.99

Grimm Fairty Tales Presents Neverland Hook TP, $12.99


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jedibanner 8/1/2012 8:26:15 AM

Unfortunatly I have not read these books, never heard of them before.

It's weird...this week I'm moving in my new home and as I had to pack the tons and tons of comics I have....I realize I may have to quit many comics because I just don't have the space anymore...trades will come in more and more now but single comics...I will have to be way more picky.

joelr 8/1/2012 8:37:36 AM

@jedibanner Conrats on moving into a new place!

There's nothing wrong with picking up trades, they read better anyway. Masks & Mobsters is only .99 cents, and it's digital, so it takes up no space! ;)

jedibanner 8/1/2012 10:35:06 AM

Hey Joel,

thanks for the support, leaving Mrs. Jedibanner has had it's effect because now I've read more comics and books then I haven't in a while.

As for the trades...sometimes I guess it's not the same as real comics (yes, digitial is NOT a comic).

I will never go digital, for that is the death of comic and I sure don't want to encourage it.

This is a whole debate which I know some feel differently but for me, I stand by my ground.

shac2846 8/1/2012 10:54:49 AM

 I have heard of this comic. It sounds great but I'm a trade guy. Going to have to wait. Kid Eternity also sounds good. I think I have just about all of Jeff Lemire's stuff in trade now. Going to have to wait for it too but nice to know it starts out good.

dalgoda 8/1/2012 11:25:28 AM

Has anybody read Underwater Welder by Lemire?  I've heard a lot about it and wanted to get a little more feedback on it.

joelr 8/1/2012 11:55:23 AM

@dalgoda Yes, Underwater Welder is pretty great. This was originally an all Jeff Lemire column, but I decided to push it back for when Sweet tooth ends. Check out his Essex County trilogy too if you haven't.

shac2846 8/1/2012 12:06:27 PM

  I didn't realize underwater welder was out yet.

Jedibanner, dude they just announced today that Mark Waid is taking over the hulk in Nov. The green hulk and he said he's bringing it back to more superheroics. Maybe that will brighten up the day a little bit.

jedibanner 8/1/2012 2:59:33 PM

Damm, my post didn't get saved AGAIN!!!

What I said was Shac, you just made my day.

I hate what is happening with the Hulk right now and after 20 years IN.A.ROW, I've stuck with the big guy but now, 2 months ago...I stopped collecting the Hulk.

THAT is a huge thing on it's own because for a writer to really create a story that makes no sense and plain insults me with such blatent disregard to the real heroe, Bruce Banner (Bruce Banner as a  maniacal crazy scientist??? really???), it's just really, really bad.

So, thank you thank you shac because this is great news.

dalgoda 8/1/2012 4:42:35 PM

Thanks Joel.  I just got Underwater Welder and will check out some of Lemire's other stuff as well.  The Kid Eternity stuff sounds interesting.

Roqueja 8/1/2012 7:52:32 PM

Jedi.....I would love to have a beer and yap Hulk witcha someday.  I feel EXACTLY the way you do about the current storyline in Hulk.

Thanks to Shaq for some uplifting news from me as well.

On the other Hulk front, the other Hulk title will be changing to Red She-Hulk.  I shit you not.  They had actually started to GET writing Thaddeus Ross as an interesting super-powered character.  No, no really, they did.  They did at the same time write Rick Jones as annoying background noise mind you.  Aaron Stack/X51/Machine Man made for a surprizingly great cast member.  He really fit well with Ross and his proclivity towards relating to a robot better than actual flesh and blood people.

I hope that Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers doesn't fold because of the big relaunch that Marvel is doing with so many titles.

Lastly, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe has a pretty good story to it, with the usual Deadpool schtick to it.  (He has his regenerative powers fully in it by the way.)  Quite nihilistic, not for kids.  It even says so on the cover.

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