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Butchman 2/21/2013 9:31:20 AM

 A few comments... I will definitely check out the new Nova. I have always enjoyed the character and I like Jeph's writing. Looking forward to the new Justice League. I agree the current title has had up and downs but the Atlantis War is by far better than anything Avengers related.

As for Bendis on a new Gaurdians title, He can't leave Marvel soon enough for me... although they seem to give him first look at every new title. Bendis is one of ... if not the primary reason Marvel as a whole has gone downhill.

joelr 2/21/2013 9:43:15 AM

Wow, I am the complete opposite! I think the Bendis/Marvel era is one for the ages. He brings an intelligence and a witt that was sorely missing form comics for a very long time. He also eschews the fanboy pandering that most DC titles suffer from. He knows how to take a character or a book, and add depth and relevance they have either lost, or never had in the first place. There are so many comic book "lifers" in the writing pool that keep teeling the same stories on different books ad nauseum, Bendis has eleveted the level of writing in comics in my opinion.

jedibanner 2/21/2013 10:11:02 AM

And for Nova #1, it's a fun book and great art. Jeph Loeb always work much better in non-continuity books and he's in the right environment to write great stories

jedibanner 2/21/2013 12:53:39 PM

The Avengers book have never been more high on sale since Bendis had taken over the books. He may have had coms contreversial stories but his impact on Marvel has been at the same level as Frank Miller or Kevin Smith or even better IMO.

I think Joel has summed it up pretty well how his impact was detailed and brough a large new fresh feel to Marvel that has yet to be rivaled by DC or any other companies.


shac2846 2/21/2013 2:14:24 PM

Totally disagree Butchman. Bendis is the man. I came back into comics when he started on Ultimate Spider-Man and I've been picking up every one of his books since. I just ordered his new avengers omnibus. Excellent going back and rereading those stories. Some people don't like bendis and I've seen on boards where people talk about the glory days and liking Busiek's take on the avengers a few year before bendis better. I'll admit I have Busiek's run on avengers and it was good but I wouldn't put it in the same wheelhouse as Bendis's stuff. And Bendis has had some misses during his time at marvel don't get me wrong but he's still a writer that I pick up based on name alone.  



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