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InnerSanctum 9/27/2012 4:27:46 PM

 You know, rebooting the whole DC universe every so many years does nothing to drag me back into their world.  If anything, I kind of resent it.  But, as a long time reader, I respected continuity.  I liked going back in time and catching up on a story.  I like history. Why didn't they just do the like Marvel and tell an Ultimate version if they want to rewrite history every decade?   Sorry, but the "New 52" isn't getting my cash.   But, men in tights on steroids aren't my thing anymore.  After they've been deconstructed a hundred times, they kind of lose their thrill.  Not that I don't enjoy the medium, just Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman aren't appealing.  A stand alone Batman graphic novel isn't out of the question though.  

Mythos 9/28/2012 7:25:12 AM

i go to admit inner that i felt the same way about dc but i got to say i picked up superboy, teen titans and action comics and have loved what they have done and thats all dc is going to get out of me when it comes to my cash. however i think there should be more news and reviews on the crossed from avatar publishing. that is a very superb series to read. Its the only book/comic that has made me feel like all hope is removed and makes my heart pace to see what the next page has.  The comic in my opinion makes the walking dead look like a campy comic and now when i read the walking dead i have like no feeling whatsover of whats going to happen cause i see no realism in it anymore and i was a huge dead fan before reading the crossed.

jedibanner 9/28/2012 4:27:28 PM

Oh man, I looooove Crossed...but the Crossed: Psychopath was really, really disturbing. The first one by Garth Ennis was beyond excellent, the 2nd one, Familly Value was great also but Psychopath was one hell of a fffff-uped series.

Now with the ongoing series, the first 12 were fun and great but I think by making it an ongoing series they will kill what made the comic special and take away my interest that's for sure.

Even the Web series wish you were here which was now offered as a trade (I read real comics in trade, not on the web) was great but making it an ongoing makes it just too much at the same 5 books with Wolverine or Spiderman or Batman.

But the first ones are excellent.

Mythos 10/1/2012 9:05:48 AM

yeah i loved the 1st ones but when they shot all those kids it just flat out pissed me off i wanted the characters to die a very horrible death to my surprise they didn't. i have yet to read the 3D trade but im hoping it doesn't disappoint and i'm hoping when kevin spacey goes into production with the film he does not disappoint on it either and continues on screen the greatness of it.

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