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shac2846 9/19/2012 8:46:26 AM

 Bought underwater welder and really enjoyed it. I agree it does definitely create a sense of time in the fall and halloween through the artwork and reading it I not only enjoyed the story but wished I was already in oct instead of the triple digit heat I was dealing with when it came out. I really want to read Lemire's sweet tooth but I feel like as soon as I buy one of the trades they'll release it in a nice hardcover volume. I have already ordered his frankenstein and the agents of shade. 

I also just bought the stuff of legend omnibus volume 1 and it is another great indie comic I recommend. Another really good comic I think you should do an article about is elephantmen. I only read them in trade but so far they are really good. It's like blade runner meets island of dr. moroeu. 

And if anyone isn't reading it check out SAGA it is fantastic.

jedibanner 9/19/2012 1:14:22 PM

I tried Saga and couldn't really get into it.

This Underwater Welder thing looks interesting, will check it out.

joelr 9/19/2012 2:38:38 PM

@shac2846 I rarely recommend waiting, but with Sweet Tooth ending soon it may be best to wait for the whole shebang to get collected.

@Jedibanner Please let us know if you do check it out, it may even pierce your gamme irradiated skin and go straight to your heart!

millean 9/20/2012 10:43:52 AM

Sweet.  Just saw where the Walking Dead Compendium #2 is coming out on Oct 3.  Get to catch up on things.  :)

dalgoda 9/21/2012 6:20:48 AM

I really enjoyed Underwater Welder and the Eternity one shot, also by Lemire.  I will be checking out some of his other work after reading those two.  I'm with shac, I have really dug Saga so far and want to see where it goes from here.



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