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Comicscape: Valiant Returns

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Comicscape: Valiant Returns

Valiant, Defiant, Triumphant

By Joel Rickenbach     May 09, 2012

I've referenced the 90's comic book boom many times in this column already, and Comicscape 2.0 is still in its diaper-filling infancy. The reason for that is twofold:
 1. The early 90's was when I truly became a comic fan. I bought and read comics as far back as I can remember, but 1991 was when I started to make weekly trips to my local shop to pick up new books... and I walked, or rode my bike, cars came later. 
2. With the emergence of new publishers, gimmick covers, the speculator boom and the "We're gonna kill fill-in-the-blank character" editorial edicts, one could argue that the 90's were the most important era in the history of the medium, for both good and bad reasons.
Pushing past the cover gimmicks and sacrificial offerings of golden age heroes, the 90’s are most notable for the new publishers that burst on to the scene to challenge the stranglehold of Marvel and DC. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, Image Comics. Those Marvel super star artists that flew the coop to become rock star comic creators and overnight millionaires. I can remember walking into the biggest comic store in my area (located in the biggest mall on the east coast) and seeing a stack of Youngblood #1’s sitting in their glass case at the counter, which was usually reserved for high priced silver and golden age books I could never hope to afford. I handed over my cash and maxed out the two copies per customer limit. I couldn’t believe it- a new book from Rob Liefeld that wasn’t Marvel or DC? This was the beginning of something… New.
Looking back, it definitely was the beginning of something new, but that something wouldn’t pay off for quite some time. You see, after all the hype and crazy sales numbers, the Image books just weren’t very good. Don’t get me wrong, there were many talented people involved, and they were great creators and artists, but they were not writers, and Image soared on style over substance. It’s ok though, thanks to them and their desire to own their creations, Image today is a haven for new talent and ideas, and arguably the best publisher on the market. But what was a 90’s comic fan to do? We could only look at the pretty pictures for so long, we needed good stories, interesting characters and a cohesive universe. Marvel and DC were too busy killing of their pantheon and giving us die-cut, hologram liquid metal enhanced covers. Who would save us?
Enter Valiant Comics.
Remember I told you about that day I bought Youngblood #1? Well, that wasn’t the most important comic I picked up that day. No, what also made that day so memorable was my astonishment at finding a copy of Rai #1 sitting on the shelf. I wasn’t a Valiant fan at the time, the publisher was just gaining heat, and this was the first time I was physically able to hold one of their books in my hand. I had no clue what the Valiant universe had to offer, but I was about to find out.
Jim Shooter is a comic book lifer. He started submitting stories to DC Comics at the age of fourteen, and years later became Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief. He’s always had interesting ideas about comics and the comic industry, and at times went against the grain. Ok, ALL the time. After exiting Marvel, Shooter figured the best way to regain control of that particular universe was to buy it, so he started Voyager Communications with Steven J. Massarsky in hopes to buy Marvel at auction. They came very close, but lost out to business magnate Ronald Perelman. So, what’s a comic book lifer to do when you lose out at buying the biggest universe on the block? Start your own, of course. Valiant comics started out small, publishing books based on properties like the WWF and Magic: The Gathering. Not exactly a line up to light the comics world on fire, but lucrative enough to enable them to do what they really had up their sleeves- create a cohesive comic universe where every issue of every series was connected and important. A universe lead by strong editorial direction, a consistent and recognizable art style and an emphasis on story and character. In short- the complete opposite of Image comics. Now, this was not on purpose, it was just very ironic that two new publishers emerged at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Voyager Communications bought the rights to some of the old Gold Key roster of characters (Magnus Robot Fighter, Solar: Man of the Atom, Turok: Son of Stone), brought in veteran comic talent in the form of Bob Layton and Barry Windsor-Smith, created a stable of new characters and unleashed Valiant Comics proper on to the world with Magnus Robot Fighter #1 in May of 1991.


So, back to me holding Rai #1 in my grubby teenaged hands- what was so astounding about that tactile revelation was that you literally couldn’t find Valiant books on the shelf unless you were there the second the employees put them out, and it was usually slim pickin’s after the subscribers got theirs. And thanks to the speculator boom, the new Valiant issues of the week were then bagged, boarded and displayed behind the counter for $20-$50 the next. The lower print runs of the earlier issues were obviously a factor, but there were other forces at work as well. Valiant started including coupons in their books redeemable for other Valiant titles, and finding a copy of a Valiant book with coupon intact became increasingly rare. Another reason was you never knew what new Valiant character would make their first appearance in any given Valiant book, and first appearances were the ultimate collectable. Turok popped up in Magnus Robot Fighter #12 and Bloodshot showed up in Eternal Warrior #4, both character’s solo debuts went on to sell almost a million copies each, making their first appearances skyrocket to hundreds of dollars.


Older comic book fans took to Valiant immediately. What teens like myself saw in the flashy art and over-the-top characters from image, they saw in Valiant’s tightly plotted books and iconic characters that harkened back to a golden age. I was lucky to have people at my local comic shop who looked out for me, they would recommend books that normally wouldn’t catch my eye, and they really opened my mind to what comics had to offer. When Valiant started to really hit they implored me to pick up their books. I only had so much money to work with, and it was hard to take a chance when the Kevlar-enhanced Punisher War Zone #1 was staring me in the face. And lets not forget- Valiant books were damn near impossible to find. But there I was, at the mall, with a copy of Rai #1 in my hands. This was my chance. Time to jump in.





What a wonderful world to discover. Harbinger, X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong, The Second Life of Doctor Mirage… All of these books were overflowing with new and interesting ideas, and they came from a universe where every book had consequences that reverberated throughout all the others. Archer is a character who gained enlightenment after his near death experience at the hands of his corrupt evangelical parents. He’s the world’s greatest hand-to-hand fighter, expert marksman and seeker of righteousness. Armstrong is a ten thousand year old, super strong, libertine who has given up his idealism, and prefers to spend his days drinking, fighting and telling stories. Geomancer literally listens to the earth to find out what he is meant to do, and Solar created the Valiant universe as we know it because he accidentally destroyed the original one. It was fresh and ambitious ideas such as these that hooked everyone on the Valiant universe. Valiant began pulling off feat after feat. Publish an 18-part crossover in two months that involved all their books, and was actually good? No Problem. Gaining market share equal to DC’s? Yup. Being the only non-Marvel or DC publisher to win “Publisher of the Year”? Got that too.


Of course this didn't last, or else we would have all gone to see the Secret Weapons movie last weekend instead of The Avengers. All of the contributing factors to Valiant's demise are worthy of their own articles. Jim Shooter was ousted from Valiant at the height of its popularity and went on to form the short lived Defiant Comics. Valiant teamed up with Image Comics for the disastrous, and possibly industry breaking, crossover Deathmate. And finally- Valiant was bought by Acclaim Entertainment, who reshuffled the entire Valiant universe, and was more concerned with creating video games based on the characters. Oddly enough, one of Acclaim's attempts at re-launching the Valiant line had them bringing on some top talent such as Fabian Nicieza, Warren Ellis, Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek and Garth Ennis. Their brief existence actually produced some good books, the most notable being Quantum and Woody, but this wasn't the Valiant universe we had fallen in love with, and Acclaim's financial troubles would quickly sink the ship for good in 1999.


It’s a foregone conclusion in comics that when a character is killed off it’s only a matter of time until they return. Nobody actually dies in comics, and much like the heroes biting the dust in the 90’s, Valiant has ben resurrected. A group of stalwarts formed Valiant Entertainment in 2007 and have been getting their ducks in a row to unleash the Valiant universe on the comic world once again. It seems these folks are dedicated to making the Valiant characters relevant again, and creating a line of books that will stand toe to toe with the best the industry has to offer, not just coast on nostalgia. Will this new wave be like the Valiant of old? My answer would be “no”. There was a feel to the original Valiant books that was unique to its time and creative teams. I implore you to seek out old back issues and trades to experience that special something Valiant brought to the table a few decades ago.  I also implore you to get excited, Valiant is back!  They released their fist book last week, X-O Manowar #1, and I can tell you it’s very, very good. I hope to put up reviews of all the forthcoming books, and eventually take a look at how this new Valiant is fairing in today’s comic market. Like I said- it’s exciting times, and it’s really nice that someone cares. As comic fans we devote a lot of time, money and energy to the creators and characters we like, and to see someone bring back something from the ashes that meant a great deal to you as a fan, well, that’s the beauty of the medium. No one every really dies in comics.



X-O Manowar #1 is on shelves now

Harbinger #1 hits on June 6th

Bloodshot #1 is out on July 11thArcher and Armstrong #1 is released in August.

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Joel Rickenbach is a curator of cult cinema at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA, and can be heard every week talking film, TV and other geekery on the You’ve got GEEK podcast. Follow him onTwitter and hilarity will no doubt ensue.


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dbrock06 5/9/2012 10:52:22 AM

I remember working at the local comic book store in these times.  If it was a bagged issue everyone had to have two.  The Death of Superman you couldn't keep on the shelf even though hundreds if not thousands wer available in the store.  People were hoarding their books based solely on speculation. 

soon thereafter I went to college and just stopped collecting...mid 90's.  I couldn't afford the anniversary Chromium cover or the die cut covers anymore.  Kind of got tired of it to be honest with you. 

the last 5 years I have started collecting again.  Now I read to read the books.  Don't care what crossovers there are.  don't care about making a few bucks speculating.  I just want to enjoy reading comic books again.  Hopefully I can share my love of these books with my children one day.

I do know they did issue a few issues of Magnus, Turok and Solar recently under the Dark Horse label.  They were okay.  Nothing like the old days though.

Roqueja 5/9/2012 10:56:34 AM

I don't have the cash to expand my pull list at this time.  The free comic day presented other series to me that look great as well.  My hats off to Archaia Entertainment for the amazing hardcover of Mouse Guard (I am a regular reader of this title) Labyrinth and other stories.  No other publisher even came close to this promotional material.  Way to stand out in a crowded market.

I did have my eyes open for anything Valiant, as I had read of their up and coming releases.  Did I just miss it, or did they miss out on an opportunity to woo me to part with more of my hard earned money?

jedibanner 5/9/2012 12:58:18 PM

Ahhh, the 90's, such fun time to grow-up with comics being at it's height of fanbase and collection value.

I startde really collecting in 91 and since then have never stopped (yes, my collection is big). It's had it's high's and lows but overall, I feel today the medium is better then ever (excluding of course anything online since they are not comics and ruining what comics are IMO).

Valiat was fun at the time and I rememer wne Wizard was always putting some Valiant as the # 1 or 2 of the biggest seller for comics in their top 10, it was fun to see someone else other then Marvel.

Turok was my favorite from Valiant, hope they bring him back also.

Deathmate was such crap, now you can find them all in the 1$ bins it's funny. It's fun to read today for such a cheap price but man was it hell when it came out...every 6 months or so.

BlatchSkree 5/9/2012 4:08:06 PM

I too got into comics in the 90's as a teenager but the only Valiant i got into was Geomancer: Guardian of Earth, which was fantastic. Such a morally ambigious character. It was hard to find the US editions of these books in Australia, even though they weren't that popular. I'm happy to see them return. Hopefully a new Geomancer is coming too.

I found it hard to go past a lot of those shiny embossed Marvel covers myself, i have: What if #50, what if Hulk killed Wolverine embossed cover and several of the big xmen and spiderman stories of the time with embossed special covers. what a cash gimmick they were. they really cut into my teenage budget

vitieddie 5/10/2012 4:25:34 AM

I remember the return of superman comic. Was it the one with a white plastic bag with the superman logo in the middle? The story was theat Pa Kent somehow brings back Supes in a dream world. The death of superman - was it the first big gimmick???

heath0920 5/10/2012 6:33:33 AM

1991 was when I relly got into  comics too. First with New Warriors (issue 7 was a LOT less intimidating than issue 279 of X Men or 3.567.879 of Spiderman) and eventually I moved onto the X Men world. But MAN was I a freak for Image. I must have bought everything Leifield was developing there for a few years. Maybe eight years ago, I went through a purge of my collection and tossed almost all my Liefield titles. Talk about catharsis - but I have to agree with the author, the  Image founders did push comics into a more creator friendly world so I will credit them for that.

dbrock06 5/10/2012 7:47:37 AM

The Death of Superman was the black bagged issue with the bleeding S Logo.  The White was the Return of Superman.

I actually sold off all my comics from back then.  It helped pay off my college loans.  I sometimes regret it.  I may just replace a few of the key issues I had.

DarthoftheDead 5/10/2012 8:19:48 AM

I think Duncan Idaho said it best.......

"There's a time, Leto, there's a time when your alive. A time your supposed to be alive. It can have a magic, that time, while your living it, cause you know your never gonna see a time like that again.......

joelr 5/10/2012 9:54:26 AM

So, it seems i'm not the only one with 90's comic nostalgia. This makes me happy.

If only I sold my extra copies of the still-bagged Death of Superman, now they are disintergrating in a long box.

I wasn't joking in the colimn- the Deathmate crossover may have single handedly broke the 90's comic boom. Retailers ordered soooo many copies, and it ended up being a massive trainwreak, mostly due to image being unable to hit their deadlines. It got so bad that the second Image issue of Deathmate shipped AFTER the Epilogue.

@Roqueja X-O Manowar is out now, the rest are being released  one new title a month during ther summer. My shop sold out of X-O, but there's sure to be a second printing, and it is available digitally.

dalgoda 5/11/2012 4:22:00 AM

X-O Manowar sounds interesting.  I'll check out the old stuff and pick up the new issue as well.



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