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  • Issue: 24
  • Authors: Kurt Busiek, Cary Nord, Dave Stewart, Richard Starkings, Tony Harris
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
  • Price: $2.99


Yes, the One with the Boobs

By Kurt Amacker     January 20, 2006

© Dark Horse
This issue of CONAN has caused a small amount of controversy when an uncensored preview image of the cover ran in the back of CONAN AND THE DEMONS OF KHITAI last month. Tony Moore submitted a nude variant of the cover to editor Scott Allie, neither intending to run it for this issue. But, Allie ran the uncensored preview image as something of a joke, only to hear from angry retailers and learning that European customs agents had seized the book. All that was for a small drawing of a nude woman. Fortunately, Dark Horse decided to release a limited run of the original cover in all its nudie glory, but you can't see it here.

As we count down to Kurt Busiek's departure from CONAN in a couple of months, the barbarian in question drinks himself into a stupor at a Zamora tavern, buying drinks for everyone in sight and regaling them with tales conquest -- both in and out of the bedroom. We get to see the offending breasts in a couple of panels in a flashback, but it's nowhere near the wild bedroom romp you might think based on the controversy. Unfortunately, this particular yarn lands Conan in trouble with his current wench, Jiara, who storms off and plots revenge. All the while, the other thieves grow tired of Conan's braggadocio and the ire he's raised among the town's law enforcement. It's not easy to be a thief when the magistrate wants to kill the one that nailed his horny wife in her secluded tower. Between fellow thieves plotting against him, an angry girlfriend, and an angry husband, what's an amoral, larcenous, lecherous barbarian to do?

CONAN has rarely wanted for quality, both narratively and visually. Kurt Busiek has remained faithful to the spirit of Conan-creator Robert E. Howard throughout his two years on the title, and his art team has only complemented his vision. In a market dominated by superheroes, Conan stands out as a mature, long-form fantasy comic. After Mike Mignola fills in for a couple of issue, Tim Truman assumes writing duties. Busiek, set the bar high, so we wish both of them the best.

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