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hulkster46 1/5/2012 10:03:21 PM

I was disapointed in this film. And bought it when it was like $15 on dvd. What a waste of $15. Conan looks like he shrunk in the wash. What they needed was an unknown, and definately a bodybuilder. I too think Conan should have his own series on Showtime. Just drop his origin story. Arnold and crew did the best on that. And move the story forward, with him searching for his kingdom and a queen too sit beside him. The only good thing in Conan was Tamara, She's a very attractive actress. 

I can't say anything else that is good about this movie. The storyline, and the acting needed allot of work. It looks like everyone got tired of acting in the movie within 30 minutes. And just went through the motions.

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