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SinisterPryde 11/9/2012 11:58:15 AM

I know I may get some flac for this, but I think Gore Verbinski would make a good choice for a director.  The first Pirates of the Carribean movie had all the flavor of a good Star Wars film.  Witty dialogue, exciting swashbuckling action, a young hero in over his head.  Just leave Depp and company at home.

ElBaz13 11/9/2012 12:00:07 PM

lol monkeyfoot.

I'm guessing he means pure sci-fi/fantasy. If you look at his sci-fi stuff, they were mostly sci-fi but on the "realistic" down to Earth level side like E.T., Jurassic Park, A.I., Minority Report, etc...



mlaforce 11/9/2012 12:00:36 PM

Screw that! Let Shane Acker direct it, he can bring the perfect tone to this movie, a more darker and grittier type of SW , you know, the way the last 3 movies should  been...

XeroWarp 11/9/2012 12:45:28 PM

 Brad Bird would be good. I really enjoyed Ghost Protocol. I can't imagine Abrams handling SW and Trek. If Speilberg wanted to do SW he would have already.

kinetoscope 11/9/2012 1:21:24 PM

I am really interested to see what they do with the current Star Wars expanded Universe. I hope they do just ignore it. I also hope that they don't do a Star Trek and play off a alternate time line. I still hope that they the do a lot of the books in cartoon form. They could make 50 movies easily. The 5 Zahn books, X-wing series, Dark Empire... I would be all for that.


almostunbiased 11/9/2012 2:12:53 PM

Looking forward to finding out what this will be about, but i'm sure it will be a huge secret forever.


axia777 11/9/2012 2:28:38 PM

 @kinetoscope - Not gonna happen. Would be cool, but apparently they are tossing out the entire post Return of the Jedi expanded universe for Star Wars. At least in relation to the new movies. I guess that makes the Star Wars Eu is now an alternate universe,

I also like SinisterPryde's idea as Gore Verbinski would be a cool choice. I would pick Brad Bird over him but would still be happy if he did get picked to do the job.

axia777 11/9/2012 2:55:51 PM

They have a new video of George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy talking the new Star Wars movies over at SuperheroHype and Youtube. 'George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy Talk Star Wars: Episode VII in a New Video'
Not much but it is some bread crumbs. I expect that is what we will begetting for the foreseeable future.


Wiseguy 11/9/2012 2:56:17 PM

Here's a list of Spielberg's genres; EVERYTHING

I'm cool with the names being thrown out there and like mlaforce's suggestion too. I LOVED 9, one of the most underrated films of the aughts or of this entire century for that matter

axia777 11/9/2012 3:18:19 PM

But Spielberg all ready confirmed he said no.  He likes to play with his own toys, not other people's toys.  

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