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The Conjuring Official Teaser Trailer

Looks damn creepy

By Robert T. Trate     February 27, 2013
Source: WarnerBrosPictures

Warner Brothers has released a teaser trailer for the The Conjuring. This new horror thriller is directed by James Wan (Saw). The screen play was written by Chad Hayes (House of Wax) and Carey Hayes (Whiteout). 

The Plot: Before there was Amityville, there was Harrisville. Based on a true story, "The Conjuring" tells the horrifying tale of how world renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were called upon to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in a secluded farmhouse. Forced to confront a powerful demonic entity, the Warrens find themselves caught in the most terrifying case of their lives.

The Conjuring features Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Lili Taylor, and Ron Livingston. 

The Conjuring opens July 19th, 2013.


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MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 2/27/2013 1:06:37 PM

That was pretty creepy.

Wiseguy 2/27/2013 5:17:57 PM

I recall a while back someone saying that this was one of the creepiest scariest film ever. I don't know if they were going by the script or had seen an early cut but this is one I'm looking forward to

ultrazilla2000 2/27/2013 6:27:44 PM

 Clap on, clap off...The Conjuring!

mikemc2 2/28/2013 12:48:02 AM

 OOKKK, I need my shorts changed.  That was scary as crap.

flyinroo 2/28/2013 5:40:53 AM

 That made me jump. Hopefully it will have some real scares and not just things jumping out of the shadows. Most previews for scary movies these days look pretty good, but end up being duds.

Roqueja 2/28/2013 6:10:57 AM

VERY amazing trailer.  I want to see this based on this one trailer alone.  Big smiles here!

aegrant 2/28/2013 8:24:29 AM

Not much for the horror flicks of today but this looks interesting - definately Netflix que worthy 

thezillaman 3/3/2013 2:13:12 PM

 i don't get if how is it that scary or creepy,? looked like just another generic wannabe horror film, @Ultrazilla2000, lol clap on clap off, i give this a clap off,. nothing nown days is original or scary, but i am looking forward to Evil Dead, now that to me was creepy and scary..



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