'Sin City' Recut-Extended & Unrated (Mania.com)

Date: Saturday, November 12, 2005
Source: www.digitallyobsessed.com

Fans will get to take another trip to the dark edge of Old Town with the much-anticipated 'Sin City' Recut-Extended-Unrated, the complete, expanded and unrated version of the film with never-before-seen footage integrated directly into the feature by director Robert Rodriguez. This essential two-disc DVD is presented in ultra-stylish packaging, with hours of all-new bonus materials supervised directly by Rodriguez showing how this unique film was brought to life. Plus the complete reprinted first issue of Frank Miller's Sin City graphic novel The Hard Goodbye is included. This year's must-have gift for the holidays, Sin City Recut-Extended-Unrated is available on two-disc DVD on December 13th for $39.99 SRP from Dimension Home Video.More...

Series: Sin City