"Aquaman" Pillot Review (Mania.com)

Date: Monday, July 31, 2006
Source: www.devotedfansnetwork.com

The failed project of "Aquaman" has been center stage the past few days. With iTunes taking it live - and legal - hundreds of thousands of fans had the chance to view it and judge for themselves if it was droped because of lack of quality or politics. With articles posted on various sites such as Yahoo News reporting that "Aquaman is a hit--and this time iTunes, not Vincent Chase, can take credit"; or the more recent one from LA Times claiming that informal talks to bring the project to the big screen are taking place with Warner Bros and the producers, fans are going through an Aquaman frenzy....Doing our part and trying to maintain this frenzy, we have for you a Review of the Pilot episode as viewed on iTunes by Ubermensch. Feel free to post your comments after reading it HERE.Please be advised, this review contains spoilers!!!

Series: Aquaman