Donner wants to do 'Days of Future Past' (

Date: Monday, November 20, 2006

"I hope so, I think if we can work out the economics of it, absolutely. Certainly there are tons of stories. There is 40 years worth of stories. I've always wanted to do Days of Future Past and there are just really a lot of stories yet to be told. I wouldn't rule anything out," says producer Lauren Shuler Donner when asked if future 'X-Men' films are a possibility.And what about a 'Constantine' sequel?"'Constantine' was huge foreign, international, therefore, there is a good financial reason to make a sequel. And, I think we really want to do it as a hard R, I mean, really go into the Constantine world and do it even more justice than the movie, even though I thought the movie was true to its core. We have a terrific idea of the world we want to go into, it's a nice, really terrifying world and Keanu is willing so we should do it!"More...

Series: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men 4, Magneto, Constantine 2, X-Men: First Class