Moore calls 'Vendetta' risk-free expression by "impotent liberals" (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In a recent interview with Infoshop News, Alan Moore talked about the impact, or lack thereof, the film 'V for Vendetta' had on the American public. The commentary is lead in by the interviewer telling Moore about an "A for Anarchy" group that used the film as a springboard for their own message:

Infoshop News: Some anarchist activist types started tabling outside of the movie showings with information about how Hollywood had taken the politics out of the movie.

Alan Moore: Ah, now that is fantastic, that is really good to hear, because that's one of the things that had distressed me. What had originally been a straightforward battle of ideas between anarchy and fascism had been turned into a kind of ham-fisted parable of 9-11 and the war against terror, in which the words anarchy and fascism appear nowhere. I mean, at the time I was thinking: look, if they wanted to protest about George Bush and the way that American society is going since 9-11which would completely understandablethen why don't they do what I did back in the 1980s when I didn't like the way that England was going under Margaret Thatcher, which is to do a story in my own country, that was clearly about events that were happening right then in my own country, and kind of make it obvious that that's what you're talking about. It struck me that for Hollywood to make V for Vendetta, it was a way for thwarted and impotent American liberals to feel that they were making some kind of statement about how pissed off they were with the current situation without really risking anything. It's all set in England, which I think that probably, in most American eyes, is kind of a fairytale kingdom where we still perhaps still have giants. It doesn't really exist; it might as well be in the Land of Oz for most Americans. So you can get set your political parable in this fantasy environment called England, and then you can vent your spleen against George Bush and the neo- conservatives. Those were my feelings, and I must admit those are completely based upon not having seen the film even once, but having read a certain amount of the screenplay. That was enough.

But that's really interesting about the A for Anarchy demonstrations. That's fantastic.

There's much more from the author in this extensive interview and Moore's comments are, as always, fascinating.

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