'I am Legend' survival game in Second Life (Mania.com)

Date: Saturday, October 20, 2007
Source: www.ugo.com

'I Am Legend' is thinking bigger, better and more addictive in their quest to promote Will Smith as the last human alive in an unforgiving Manhattan. With so much publicity focused on the online gaming community, it makes sense to offer a game to promote a movie. Flash games are quick, cheap and they get people pumped for a film. But, I am Legend wanted to go a bit farther to promote the movie.Enter Second Life, the virtual environment that parallels The Sims in many ways. It's online, it's interactive, and it has an audience ready to explore new unexplored territory. That's where Warner Bros. chose to launch their latest promotion for I Am Legend, the big screen adaptation of the acclaimed Richard Matheson novel.

Series: I am Legend