Djimon Hounsou to be 'Black Panther'? (

Date: Monday, March 03, 2008

While doing press for the movie 'Never Back Down', actor Djimon Hounsou told that he will soon be starting his dream project. And what is that dream project? A comic book trilogy, is what the actor told the website.

Hounsou did not elaborate on exactly what project he might be involved in. IESB speculates on the matter (and cautions readers that this is merely speculation).

First they hypothesizes that Hounsou could be talking about a 'Black Panther' appearance, given the fact that his name was dropped for the role by 'Fantastic Four' director Tim Story who wanted to introduce the character in that franchise.

They also speculate that he may be referring to the 'Tintin' films, which are being developed by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

Could it be a Papa Midnite franchise, based on his 'Constantine' character? Not likely. Of course, there are many comic book characters that the actor would be good for, so it's hard to guess exactly what he's referring to. 

Series: Black Panther, Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, Constantine 2, Fantastic Four 3