'Justice League' pushed back to end of year? (Mania.com)

Date: Thursday, April 10, 2008
Source: www.richardnorton.org

Fight coordinator and actor Richard Norton tells fans on his website he's idle at the moment. Norton was supposed to serve as fight choreographer on the 'Justice League' movie. According to Norton, the movie doesn't look to be lensing any time soon.

An April 6th posting on his blog reads:

So here I am still in Los Angeles due to the movie, 'Justice League', being shelved until maybe the end of the year. I guess there were funding problems for the present. Oh well, that"s the nature of the business I am in.

Hard to say if Norton's "end of the year" proclamation is rooted in any sound facts, or it that's just a spitball estimation. With all the confusion around this movie, it's anyone's guess.

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