'The Goon' Optioned by David Fincher (Mania.com)

By:Joe Hendren
Date: Thursday, July 03, 2008
Source: www.thegoon.com

On the official website for the most kick-ass horror/humor comic being published today, Eric Powell has announced that 'The Goon' has been optioned for film by acclaimed director and producer David Fincher and Academy-Award nominated Blur Studio to develop as a CG animated feature film.

The book tells the story of a brutish muscle man for the a local mobster who battles rival gangs of monsters, zombies and other creeps. Ultimately it turns out that the gangleader The Goon is fronting for has long since died, and The Goon has kept of the charade so as to keep order in his village.

Powell provides these links for recent Blur Studio efforts that can currently be purchased from iTunes:

A Gentleman’s Duel
In The Rough
Gopher Broke

Series: Goon, The